Full-fledged "secretly dessert brownies" and "secretly dessert cheesecake" appeared although it is 50 yen from Yuraku confection of Black Thunder, I tried eating ahead

From January 29, 2018 (Monday), from Yuraku confectionery familiar with "Black Thunder"Secretly desert brownies"When"Secretly dessert cheesecake"Will appear. Stick typeBrownieWhenCheesecakeI enjoyed what kind of taste, I tried to eat the real thing that I got to the editorial department.

Yuraku Cookery Co., Ltd.

This is a package of 'secretly desert brownies' and 'secretly dessert cheese cakes'. There is no difference in package size.

I will compare it with iPhone 8. It is about a little shorter than the iPhone 8 in both length and width.

"Secretly Desert Brownies" is a red package.

As raw materials, "semi-chocolate", "wheat flour" and "sugar" continue, and the cacao mass used is 100% of Belgian products strict to the quality standard of chocolate.

The calorie per bag is 129 kcal.

When I take it out of the bag, I have one sticky brownie.

As you approach the mouth, the fragrance of chocolate sweet and gentle chocolate drifts.

When I ate it, Brownie is softer when it touches my tongue, and chocolate has richness. When the brownie is lost in the mouth, the fragrance of chocolate spreads throughout the mouth. I enjoyed a change in texture by combining soft chocolate chip with crispy texture with soft dough inside.

Next is "secretly dessert cheese cake" which uses 4 kinds of cheese. In contrast to "secretly dessert brownies" the package is blue based design.

The raw materials are "margarine" "wheat flour" "egg" followed by four cheeses, "cheddar cheese" "natural cheese" "mascarpone cheese" "cream cheese".

The calorie per bag is 105 kcal. Slightly lower than "Desert brownies secretly".

When you take it out of the bag, there is a stick-shaped cheese cake and the fragrance of cheese drifts.

When you bring it to your mouth, the fragrance of cheese spreads throughout your mouth, but you can also feel the slight smell of lemon. Sponge is fluffy and soft texture, gentle sweetness. Because four kinds of cheese are used, you can taste "Cheesecake" more than it looks.

"Desert brownies secretly" and "secretly dessert cheese cake" are scheduled to be sold at some convenience stores located in the Kanto area from January 29, 2018 (Monday) with a tax of 50 yen.

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