"Instantgram" which prints Instagram photos easily on magnets and paper photographs

Using Instagram when taking pictures is convenient to take pictures with atmosphere and sharing photos right away, but what you will want to keep the pictures taken in shape. there"InstantgramIs a net service that allows you to order pictures as magnets and print them on paper like ordinary pictures just by picking up photos on Instagram. It delivers to the world free shipping.

Instantgram - Quality Canvas and Print Art of Instagram

Instantgram is a net service that allows you to order magnets just by accessing Instagram and picking up photos.

First of all, click "More Info" under the top page "Magnets".

The size of the magnet is 5 cm × 5 cm, the size of the screen of the smartphone. You can order with 9 magnet sets for free shipping $ 17 (about 1700 yen). So, to actually purchase, click "Buy Now".

Please fill in your Instagram's user name and password and click "Login".

As you are prompted for permission to Instantgram, click "Authorize".

Then my picture on Instagram was displayed.

The upper limit is nine, as you select the photos you want to be magnets, the pictures will be counted at the top of the screen.

It is also possible to order multiple copies of the same picture.

Click "Next / Review" when you have finished making your selection.

If you are satisfied with the selected photo, click "Add to Cart".

Click "Check Out".

After that, enter the address and pay with PayPal OK. Products are designed to arrive at hand at around 10 to 21 business days.

In addition, it is possible to print photos on paper instead of magnets in the same process. The price is also 17 dollars (about 1700 yen) here.

Two magnets of 6.35 cm square and approximately 10.16 cm square can be selected, 48 mini size photographs of 6.35 cm square, and 24 sheets of 10.16 cm square can be printed.

Because it is possible to physically save photos taken by events and travels, it is perfect for a small present.

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