A storage engine "Filr" that enables you to save any file to "Flickr" which increased to 1 TB of free capacity

ByGraham Smith

I will embed any type of file as PNG's tEXt chunk and treat the renewed Flickr's 1 TB free space like a mass storage like "Filr"is.

Ricardobeat / filr · GitHub

You actually understand what demo movies you are uploading to YouTube and how you use it.

Filr - YouTube

Easy to use, after passing through the path to filr after installation, "The App Garden on Flickr"To apply for an API key and get the authentication key,

[code]filr my_file1.txt my_file2.txt[/code]

Just like listing the file names you want to upload. Since the uploaded file is in the private state, it will not be published in the photo stream.

It is easy to encode and decode,

[code]filr --encode radiohead.mp3 radio.png

Filr - decode radio.png radiohead.mp3 [/ code]

Just do it.

It is almost like this

Once uploaded it will appear as such a iconic image

When uploading, it is automatically stored in the tEXt chunk of the PNG format image, but as it is, as it is, the file size is enlarged from 2 times to 4 times of the original, so use zlib to compress and then embed It is. Flickr will be broken because the uploaded image will be resized automatically? Although it seems to be thought, the original file is specified as "Original" saved on Flickr, and this is used to save the file on Flickr.

However, as the possibility that it will be broken if it is too big a file, as far as the author experimented, it can upload without problems if it is about 15 MB.

In addition, in the future, it is said that we plan to install such as bitmap mode etc. by adding uploading function of folder · adding images by set · changing icons by file type · changing basic images.

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