Special video "DECODE 501 FILE" talked about the Army "501 institution" belonging to Kusanagi Elementary in Ghost In The Shell ARISE

Along with encounters with Kusanagi and Aramaki of Public Security Section 9, members of the Ghost In The Shell, later Batou and Togusa and others, a spectacular action and an electronic battle over the electronic brain virus "fire starter" are developed, Draw "episode zero" which can be said as the beginning of riot police "Ghost in the Shell ARISE"The following movie is talking about" 501 institution "of army army unit that appears at the first episode" border: 1 Ghost Pain ".

"Ghost in the Shell ARISE" DECODE 501 FILE [HD] [PlayStation®Store] - YouTube

"Army specialty 501 institutions, it was born in this world as a research and development institution with special circumstances and talents gathered"

"Even inside the military you hear that name, there are few who know the reality."

"Information department · airborne specialist · marine corps · military police ... ...."

"We can not find the name of 501 institutions even if we look for such an army's existing attachment unit."

"The reason is really simple"

"Because we are treated as things, not humans, in the military organization"

"Army Development Experiment Team Medical Laboratory Researcher Special Branch Laboratory Division Special Branch Laboratory Department Equipment of 501 minutes, That is our actual condition"

"When a soldier gets into a bodhisattva, it is an extension of the body and it is usual to be recognized as a medical practice."

"But we are only equipped with individual brain nuclei as substitutes for advanced artificial intelligence to be mounted on weapons."

"Despite the human form, the required characteristics are only the performance and efficiency as a machine, and the results."

"It is not the personal identification card with the first and last name and the blood type recorded, and the management code in which the serial number and the part format are recorded"

"Because combat weapons developed and researched in military-industrial complexes are managed as fixtures"

"For us the organization of military is just a vessel, the class is only a matter of guaranteeing the activity ... until now."

"In the end of the fourth nuclear war in 2026, the last opportunity to ask whether we should be human or things has come."

"There is no other way if you miss this"

"Before the opened door is closed."

In other words, Army Special Course 501 Organization is a special institution established for the main purpose of developing and nurturing battle prostheses, and 501 branches of Special Branch Research Division organized within the Army Development Experiment Team are Department of Defense Advanced Technology Center etc. Part of the weapons research organization of the United States, which is being called to so called. During the Front Wars, he was introduced to the battle many times under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Mamlo, and he is also developing next-generation weapons at research facilities under its jurisdiction. In addition, Kurtz is the head of the Army 501 organization. I led the bunkering troops and did the duties with Kusanagi element both domestic and abroad, but to take over as commander as a result of death of superior officers. From the next term main weapon review committee, I am charged with performance tests, development and research of various "weapons", and while I am undergoing organizational restructuring after the war, I am committed to the survival of the organization at the dismantling site.

The official story is as follows.

"Ghost in the Shell ARISE" STORY
Anti-Terror Crime Organization - Public Safety Section 9 - Ghost In The Shell - The Story of Eve Birthday
Episode zero that has never been drawn begins -.

"Public Safety Section 9" can not be an attack force of the top priority line, A. D. 2027. One woman who appeared in front of Aramaki who was limited to the number of conspiracy of public safety investigation - belonging to the "501 institution" of the Army · Mr. Susumu Kusanagi. Kusanagi, which has the highest degrees of physical and electronic brain fighting skills, while having immatureness that is not familiar to others, keeps the relationship between Aramaki and irrelevance and deals with the crime that occurs one after another. However, it was also to ask questions about the relationship with the cradle 501 institution. A conflict arising between a superior, a guardian and a woman of ambition, Lieutenant Kurtz. In addition, the emergence of a mysterious virus "fire starter". While confronting difficult cases, "former ranger who has eyes that do not sleep" "detective detention criminal" and so on, Kusanagi through individual personnel resources and the atmosphere. Kusanagi is going to comprehend them for the purpose of sharing Aramaki one time - for the creation of "a unit that is always aggressive to crime". "Ghost in the shell ARISE" - This is the story of the night before Kusanagi is called Major.

"Ghost in the Shell ARISE border: 1 Ghost Pain" STORY

In 2027, a year after the end of the fourth nuclear war, there was a case of explosion using self-propelled landmines at Newport City where war damage was not healed and a case where soldiers charged with bribery in arms sales were shot dead. During rain smoking Daisuke Aramaki of public safety seeking the soldier 's electronic brain and exposing the cemetery. And on the back I pointed the cold muzzle was a super wizard grade hacker belonging to the Army prosthetic unit "501 institution" which moves to clear out the charges of the murdered superior, and it was a full-body cyborg, Kusanagi element . But Kusanagi was not the only one who chased this case. A man with a "sleepless eyes" who suspects her as a criminal of the bombing case, Batou. A criminal togsa of Shinba prefectural police investigating common items of a shooting death case and a prostitute murder case. And Coll. Kurtz and Cyborg agents of "501 institutions" were closely watching the trend of Kusanagi. What they pursue lurks under the chaos of a civil society where "facts" in front of you and "lost" "truth" intersect. Kusanagi's instinct now launches (arises) for her own future and the ideals raised.

Also, the full HD version of this trailer looks like the following.

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Ghost in the Shell ARISE -GHOST IN THE SHELL-

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