Details of the TV version "Ghost in the Shell ARISE" are announced, production of complete new episodes is also decided

Speaking of the Ghost in the Shell, in the early summer of 2015 "Ghost in the Shell New Theatrical VersionAlthough it is just decided to release, the ARISE TV animation series "ARISE" which added a completely new episode to the whole 4 episodes of the theatrical version of theatrical version "Ghost in the Shell ARISE" released from 2013 to 2014Ghost in the Shell ARISE ALTERNATIVE ARCHITECTUREIt will be broadcast from April.

Ghost in the Shell ARISE -GHOST IN THE SHELL-

The TV animated series "Ghost in the Shell" ARISE ALTERNATIVE ARCHITECTURE broadcasted from April 2015 re-edits all four episodes of "Ghost in the Shell ARISE" screened at the theater from June 2013 to the first part of the first part , And it adds 2 episodes of complete new episodes leading to the "Ghost in the Shell New Movie version" scheduled to be released in the summer.

The "Ghost in the Shell ARISE ALTERNATIVE ARCHITECTURE" logo looks like this.

With this, the key visual is depicting how the Public Safety Section 9 (commonly known as the Ghost in the Shell), which is a special unit of "attack", was created in the process. The main catch phrase is "no class, real powerism."

About the staff and cast of the new episode will be announced at a later date,OkataWhen you read Mr.'s comment, I understand a little about what kind of story it will be.

Dr. Shiro's original "Ghost in the Shell" digs, the more it digs, there is discovery. The excellence of setting the stage based on the time just before the state is about to disappear. Skillfulness of character placement. Attraction of the genre called Cyborg & Cyberdetective things. I went to this scenario with the thought that the splendid original drawn before a quarter of a century must be visualized as a contemporary work, not "classical" that sleeps in the museum. To do that, we had to draw the young days of the elements.

"Ghost in the shell ice crew ARISE ALTERNATIVE ARCHITECTURE" is a new TV series that reconstructed "border: 1" to "border: 4" screened at theaters by the end of last year and added a new episode. Beginning with the episode of "border: 4" which familiar members are all in line with the characteristics of the media called TV, we will unravel why the members participating in Public Safety Division eventually gathered. And in the last new episode, Pyromania, a follower of a virus infected with "Fire Starter" confronts Kusanagi element. He has a completely different way of thinking about "individuals" from the element.

In participating in this work, I thought about why the member of the 9th department with strong accession follows the element. I think that they know that the elements intuitively show "the ideal in the age of confusion". In the era when the parallelization of states and individuals progresses on the net, the element of this work sticks to what is called "piece". The presence of that presence attracts people.

And, "New Theatrical Version" ahead of the opening in the early summer has become more content closer to the past and inner elements of the element at its center. At "ARISE ALTERNATIVE ARCHITECTURE" depicting the process of members of Public Safety Division 9, I think that we could make a good flow for those who touched the work "Ghost in the Shell" newly. Also, it will be nice if you can enjoy traditional fans as the fourth "Ghost in the Shell" following the original, movie, "S.A.C.".

Mr. Okata was also a film novel era novel "Heaven and earth"And novels also became anime and manga"Mardock ScrambleAuthor and current animated cartoon "Fafner of the Azure: EXODUS"Or"PSYCHO-PASS Psychopath 2People who are also in charge of the series composition such as.

You can understand Zakkuri by reading the following article to see what the whole story of the series of theatrical version "Ghost in the Shell ARISE" is talking about.

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Original: Shiro Masamune
Overall director · Character design: Kazuya Kurosa
Series composition: Okata
Music: Cornelius
Animation Production: Production I. G
Production: "Ghost in the Shell ARISE" Production Committee

Kusanagi element: Maaya Sakamoto
Aramaki Daisuke: Koichi Kujuku
Batou: Kenichiro Matsuda
Togusa: Arakaki Tansuke
Ishikawa: Shunsuke Sakino, Masayuki Oki
Site: Takuro Nakagoku
Puzzle: Tadashi Ueda
Boma: Kazuya Nakai
Logi Comma: Miyuki Sawashiro

The broadcast information is as follows.

TOKYO MX: From April 5, every Sunday 22: 30 ~
Sun TV: From April 5, every Sunday 26: 00 ~
KBS Kyoto: From April 5, every Sunday 23: 00 ~
TV Aichi: From April 5, every Sunday 26: 35 ~
TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting: From 9th April, every Thursday 27: 30 ~
Hokkaido TV: From 7th April, every Tuesday 26: 50 ~
Sendai Broadcasting: From April 8, every Wednesday 26: 42 ~
Shizuoka Broadcasting: From 9th April, every Thursday 25: 48 ~
BS 11: From April 14, every Tuesday 24: 30 ~

(C) Shiro Shiro Production I. G / Kodansha · "Ghost in the Shell ARISE" Production Committee

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