A story about what kind of world you can see if you lose all startup funds

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It was chosen as "the worst website five"Meez.comAs the result, the person who worked as a programmer at Meez.com tried to use it as his startup entrepreneur just got a piece of stock from Meez.com It has become dark ahead as it has become.

This Is What It Looks Like When You Lose All of Your Startup Money

Meez.com, an online gaming community, does not seem to have innovative ideas or innovative services. It was a communication service to purchase manga-like 3D avatar using real money and customize avatar. Developers also had ideas to make them better service, but because they were profit priority routes, those ideas will be ignored.


Meez.comSan Francisco ChronicleYaForbesAfter being well evaluated from,Time"Worst website five" will be selected. After that the popularity gradually declined and the contents of the bank account also decreased along with it.

At the end of 2012, "donnerwood" who runs Meez.com had a debt of $ 16 million (about 1.58 billion yen) from promissory notes. Since donnerwood was unable to return this debt, it will capitalize with the partner company, convert the debt to stock and newly raise funds, and the share consolidation ratio will be 8: 1: 1 The share price collapsed from 62 dollars (about 6100 yen) to 0.56 dollars (about 55 yen) due to the stock consolidation, and everything was delayed when the information provider realized it.

The information provider says, "Everybody does not want to talk much about what has failed, but brainwashing employees to make me think that their products are the best, eventually we turn the company into a bad situation like donnerwood" I say.


In this way the assets were easily out of paper and the information provider 's preparation for the new business became a bubble.

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