International food market in London where stalls all over the world gathered, I have tasted food from all over the world

There are various markets which dealt with antiques, clothes, flowers etc in London, but there are many markets in Camden Town every Sunday to be heldInternational Food Market"It is said that stalls selling cooking all over the world are gathered, so I actually went there.

The main street of Camden Town is a lot crowded with clothes shops and miscellaneous goods shops, and it is quite crowded whether it is also Sunday.

When walking straight on the main street there is a building called "CAMDEN LOCK", and the International Food Market is being held in this.

Looking down from the 2nd floor of CAMDEN LOCK, the stall of the stall that narrowly conflicts to the 1st floor.

There are plenty of stalls gathered in the square where you can see the back of the building, which is very crowded, but I will quickly go to see what kind of food is there.

When entering the market colorfulMacaroonI found a shop selling.

Chinese restaurant.

There is also a Mexican restaurant.

This shop serves Italian cuisinePiadinaOn sale.

With Piadina with ham ... ...

There is chicken and mushroom Piadina, and recommended is ham entering so I will order it immediately.

First of all, we will introduce a thin pizza dough into the iron plate and plenty of cheese, mushroom and onion on it.

Where cheese melted slightlyarugulaAnd tomato added.

Finally when you put the raw ham ... ...

Fold it in half and bake one side.

Completion is done when baking on the other side too.

Raw ham's Piadina is quite large, twice the hand.

It seems that fire does not pass through to the raw ham when opening it.

A heavyweight feeling that you know you have in hand.

If you eat a single bowl, it looks like Panini, but the dough is more crisp. It seems like eating a thin pizza sandwich, compatibility between cheese and cured ham is good. Both the raw ham and the chicken entered 5 pounds (about 770 yen)

When I was eating down what I would like to eat, I was called by a person on a street saying "Do not eat this!"

As he gets close, the clerk roasts the chunks of pork with herbs. The food name is "Hog roastThat thing.

The clerk gave me a little broken hog · roast for free. The taste was quite light, and the scent of herbs was a little felt.

There is a small canal next to the market.

While walking around the market, I found a shop with cheese piled up.

If you look at the sliced ​​cheese nearby it is a masterpiece.

It is said that you can eat hot sandwich baked bread with cheese in this shop. I will order a 5 pound (about 770 yen) medium.

How to make hot sandwiches is simple, sandwiching salami, cheese, onion, pickles in bread ......

Just press the bread with something like a squid baking machine and bake it.

This is a hot sandwich with a popular cheese.

Cheese which is about to protrude from the hot sand.

When eating a mouth, the inside of the mouth is full of rich cheese and it is quite heavy, but the compatibility of crispy bread with melting cheese is outstanding.

Next is the shop where the signboard of the kangaroo logo is cute.

In the menu written on the stall, there are kangaroos, camels,Spring Bock· It is written as zebra, apparently it seems to be a hamburger shop. I decided to eat a 6 pound (about 920 yen) kangaroo hamburger recommended by a clerk.

Patty of kangaroo meat is not red like beef.

According to a clerk, the kangaroo meat is refreshing as little fat is added.

I will bake the front and back of Patty carefully.

I got burned and burned with a nice touch.

Put onion, tomato and lettuce in a kangaroo patty that was baked and finished with ketchup.

It looks like a hamburger with common beef patties.

When eating a mouth with gabburi, it is quite refreshing for less fatty portion, I did not mind such as the smell of kangaroo meat, but feeling somewhat unsatisfactory because there is little fat.

Successfully, the insanely big fish-like windpaellaI found a shop that is cooking.

There seems to be 20 people lightly.

I ordered a small size of 4.5 pounds (about 700 yen) immediately.

After seeing a huge paella pot, I feel a small size small, but actually two cups of tea are likely to be light weight.

Shrimp and paprika are contained and appearance is colorful.

I scooped with a fork from the bottom, and mussels also entered.

The paella rice has a palm and mussels taste sticking into it steadily and it is about the hardness that there is a slight core more than Japanese rice.

I have found a shop serving Peruvian cuisine at the place where my stomach has become full.

Rice and salad, as well as vegetables cooked in rows ......

In the back, potatoes and chicken are grilled.

I feel chicken burning while stewing with orange juice and something sauce.

メニューを見ても味が想像できないため、店員さんに「これぞペルー料理というのはどれか?」と聞くと、「<AnticuchosDe chiken "was recommended, so I will try to eat it. The price is 6.5 pounds (1000 yen)

First we go over the rice and then put salad and stewed vegetables on top of it.

Add potato on top of the rice.

Finally it is completed with chicken on top. When listening to the kind of sauce that was sticking chicken to the person who is cooking, he taught me only Peru sauce.

This completed Anticuchos de chiken looks like this.

Chicken is using breast meat.

Breast meat of chicken is soaked with orange's refreshing flavor and sourness, and the orange taste goes through the nose to chewiness. Peru sauce was a bit reddish, so I prepared for spicy, but I felt sweetness rather rarely spicy.

The rice uses longer type of rice than Japanese one.

Potatoes are also stewed in Peru sauce and good at Hokkeoku.

We had a lot of exhibits besides the restaurant which actually cooked. This is a cookie shop.

The size of the cookie is larger than the face of the person, the price seems to be determined by the weight of the cookie ordered.

There were shops selling Turkish cuisine, too.

In addition, around the canal was crowded with people who enjoyed the foods bought at the market.

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