"009 RE: CYBORG" BD & DVD recorded new awards footage full-length on YouTube

"Ghost in the Shell" STAND ALONE COMPLEX "" Eden of the East "Kenji Kamiyama's director / scriptwriter was handled as the original work by Shotaro Ishinomori's" Cyborg 009 "which has been animated many times009 RE: CYBORG"BD & DVD will be released on May 22nd. BD & DVD comes with various benefits, but one of them is the full-length video on YouTube.

"009 RECYBORG" Bluray & amp; DVD 5.22 on Sale - YouTube

The 9-minute new movie "009 RE: CYBORG Special Prologue" was released. Ms. Mamiko Tamagawa who is the role of Ivan is in charge of narration, and it is content to explain characters and stories, chasing the history from the birth of original manga "Cyborg 009" to "009 RE: CYBORG".

Advance notice editingIt includes all the notice at the theatrical release such as PV of production production meeting, 2 specials report, 3 notice of advance.

Audio commentary"Kohji Kamiyama" and "Animation / Director of the Animation / Director" video footage, "Director Kenji", directed by Kenji Kamiyama and music director Kenji Kawai will talk about sound production including commentary on all songs of "Acoustics" Two.

Subtitles areJapanese subtitles and English subtitlesThe two are included.

The case of the regular version is a paper digipack specification. A booklet on which works, characters, content commentary etc. were posted integrated with the case in all 23 pages. Blu-ray is 6090 yen including tax, DVD is 5040 yen including tax.

When it became a luxury version, it was shown only in some theaters3D stereoscopic imagePepsiNex's theater CM (Accelerator version · Skydive version), Production presentation PV, special information, Panasonic 3D experience corner PV will be recorded.

Also,Making pictureLong interview with Kamiyama director and Making by "Daisuke Suzuki" "RE: ANIMATION Innovative Animation Technique", Kenji Kawai and Tom Myers talk about sound "RE: SOUND 009 Sound World of One Dragon (edited by Kenji Kawai · US SKYWALKER SOUND edition) ".

Stage greeting pictureWas the world's fastest preview in Warner Mycal Cinemas Ishinomaki on October 13, 2012, premium screening held at TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills and Shinjuku Baltic on October 19, Shinjuku Baltic on October 27 Three of the first day greetings held at 9.

CM · Tie-up images include 3 types of PepsiNex Theater CM, 2 types of staff service web CM "regular employee Cyborg 003", 10 Japanese TV "ZIP!" Jingle, TV spot (15 seconds · 30 seconds), theater manners CM Included.

Outside the image awards, the comic "Cyborg 009 Tabidachi ~ Setting off ~" (56P) is bundled which draws completely new work.

The making book is a mystery that was interviewed by Kenji Kamiyama and re-interviewed the work after the movie was released, with "___ RE: ANIMATION" (112 P) which included technical storytellers, Mamoru Miyano and Chiwa Saito talks etc, "RE RE: CREATION" (32P) two book series.

It will look like this when all are arranged.

"009 RE: CYBORG" The luxury version Blu-ray BOX is 10,290 yen including tax. The selling source / distributor is VAP.

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