To the release of the complete version DVD-BOX, a gorgeous gaze image picture scroll "Mononokei" that gained popularity in Noitamina

"It was broadcast in 2006 and attracted attention due to its high quality"Kai ~ ayakashi ~ izing cat"Complete complete version DVD-BOX of" Mononokei "which depicts five episodes centered on" spin-off plan "as a spin-off plan will be released.

The release will be on Wednesday, April 8, 2009, and 10,950 yen (tax included).

Details are as below.
"Mononon Monsters" Official Site Complete Edition DVD-BOX

The DVD includes a total of 15 episodes 340 minutes including 3 episodes of "Mai ~ ayakashi ~ izing cat" and 12 episodes of "Mononoke Monsters". The surface of the case that houses the DVD is a folding screen type digipack type with original design by drawing down Hashimoto Takashi. The label side is a picture label specification which treated six past DVD jackets, with an outer box of elegant Japanese-style design based on black.

Benefits include a gorgeous booklet that will cover about 100 pages planned to include illustrations, artworks, stuff long interviews, interviews with cast new stories, illustrations and other illustrations, as well as special monono monstrosity bookmarks. As image benefits, non-telop OP & ED, still picture gallery, staff & cast voice commentary etc are collected. Some benefits areToei animation official websiteIt is said that it will be limited release at a limited price.

Release is Asumiku / Fuji TV with 10,950 yen (tax included), released on April 8 (Wednesday) 2009.

By the way, the message from Mr. Kenji Nakamura who supervised is as follows.

"Kuroya Footsteps! Shimmen Scales! Yu Yu Green Floral! Uncalendar Moon! Ayura Jinbaku!"
(ToBetter lucky,ToDoctor Bear,RiLet 'CormorantPersonally,RiEarly evening
Kenji Nakamura (Director)

※ Design, benefits and specifications may change without notice.

© Mononoke Making Production Committee / © Mai ~ ayakashi ~ Production Committee

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