"Fate / Zero BD-BOX" reviewing new movie 40 minutes and TV unrecorded part

Anime on March 7"Fate / Zero" Blu-ray Disc Box IHas been released. This is an animation broadcasted from October 2011 to December 2011Fate / Zero(The first season) from the first episode to the thirteenth episode. It is stated as a full production limited edition and features luxury that bonus footage includes more than 40 minutes including not only the trailer collection, TV spot CM collection, non-credit opening and ending, but also new video.

Fate / Zero has already decided the broadcast of the second season from April, I tried to review it again and tried to purchase one by reviewing it.

BD-BOX entering the white case. Some people say they arrived at hand on the 7th, but some people have been told that it will take three weeks before shipping.

The magic team on the package surface shines sparkly and seven colors. It is a difficult place to see when stored on a shelf, but it is stiff.

Key visual on the back of the package.

The contents are divided into three kinds like this.

The largest container contains 5 main discs. It is a picture label, each one servant is drawn.

The smaller one contains 2 reward discs. The rider pattern on the left is the drama CD, and the berserker pattern on the right is the original soundtrack. There are 7 disks, just the same number as the servants, no hub characters.

One of the privilege images, the contents of the "wish · Einzbern consultation room" of the new movie can be seen only a little on the official website.

Fate / Zero Blu-ray Disc Box Ⅰ New Benefit Image (Screenplay: Nasu Kinoko) Early Trailer

In this case, a magazine attached by the master is drawn on each side.

And the booklet that the Holy Grail was drawn on the cover was left.

The key visual that was used before the start of the broadcast is decorating the cover back.

The contents are posted a dense interview etc. of each field staff who made this work.

Interviewee in 6 fields
· Scenario: Kaori Akira (Original), Aokiya (Director), Kondo Mitsu (Production Producer)
· Directing: Kei Tsunematsu (Assistant Director), Takuya Nonaka (Storyboard Contest, Director), Mr. Aoki, Mr. Kondo
· Drawing: Mr. Sudo Yukuto (total drawing director), Atsutsu Ikutani (total drawing director), Keita Shimizu (drawing director), Ms. Takayuki Mogi (drawing director)
· Art: Mr. Koji Eto (Artistic Director), Kazuo Ebisawa (Each Story Art), Mr. Kinnaka (Art Assistant), Yuichi Terao (Director of Photography), Mr. Aoki, Mr. Kondo
· Shooting: Kojiro Shishido (3D Director), Emi Chiba (Color Design), Mr. Terio, Mr. Kondo
· Music: Yuki Kajiura (music), Aoki, Mr. Kondo

By the way, the 2nd visual was glaringly posted on the enclosed leaflet. Also,Gusset ★ AsobiIt is quietly announced that Vol.8 is May 3 - 5 th May.

The price is a heavyweight classification of 30,900 yen, but the contents and bindings have been adapted to expectations. A discount is somewhat done if it is Amazon.co.jp and it is a price that makes it easier to hand out with 26,660 yen at the time of writing the article, so I purchased it as a person who is expecting in the second term Those who say that it is not, please try to consider.

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