Gakken Mook "Natural farming method to make vegetables" content was quite goofy so we decided to discontinue sale

"The book that my colleague bought was dangerous (in terms of proof)"So," Although I am in this industry for more than 20 years, the book I saw for the first time "or" If I do it, the book that has reached a level that can be written at full burden at full burden " Gakken's "Making vegetables with natural farming"is.

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As for how much Yaba, if you do something with a flip flop, it is the level at which the following things are discovered, verification pictures are uploaded.

"If I do it, I will reprint with full burdenThe sentence enters here Sentence enters here Text enters here Text comes here Sentence enters here Text is entered here Dictionary of the text here Congratulations.

"The luncheon closes both"

"Is it colon or two points?"

"It disappears in the middle of a sentence"

"Mixed large number of half-width Pearl",PearleneIs a parenthesis in the form of () and there is "for European (half-size) and Japanese (full-width)".

"The thickness of the ruled line of the table group falls apart"

"No picture or sentence with "①" anywhere"

"Decimals fall apart"

"Headings of the same content"

Initially when this was pointed out on the blog, I did not know the title of the book, but "I looked up the name of a gangster book in a proofreading senseBy saying that the book name was splendidly identified from fragments of the description of the verification photograph, it was not a somewhat weak publishing company but rather a "Gakken" that is properly named, so that it was doubly amazing It turned out that it was a situation.

"Proofreading" to make a correctly legible notation is a normal part of paper publications and it is a natural part, because it is a printed matter, it can not be fixed and reissued immediately after saying it was wrong, that is why Part to be careful about. However, the fact that the publishing industry is being pursued somewhat more and more is constantly being told, and perhaps there may be circumstances in which you have no choice but to publish without any proofreading.

In fact, why the cause of what happened so far and how to deal with it in the future are not disclosed, so it is unknown, but on the e-book siteapology"It turned out that there was a deficiency in editing content" "We will temporarily stop selling and we will resume selling as soon as the creation of the revised edition is completed and make free updates to customers already purchased We will carry out, and the completion of the modified version will be scheduled for late May. " Making vegetables with natural farming (Gakken Mook): From vegetables editor: Books

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