Project to Tweet visitors of Twitter headquarters with photos "Twisitor"

TwitterIs held four times a year collecting all employees "Hack Week"During the period, when you stand in front of the camera installed in the lobby of Twitter's office, you automatically take a photo and tweet"@ Twisitor"The project called for was done. Various people including Twitter employees were involved in this effort that seemed to be Twitter very much.

When you see it in the camera installed in the lobby @ Twisitor will mutter like the image below.

An old man who distorts his mouth and changes his face.

People who feel quite excited.

Some of you feel funky, with a blindfold blind eye on your eyes.

Women looking like having fun with beards.

Some people like movie stars by arranging signboards of movies.

As soon as I told you that it's okay, I'm a bit shy of beer.

The people feel like they are already drinking.

A woman seeming to enjoy herself with a double piece.

Two men wearing a helmet printed with Twitter logo mark.

This man did not know the position of the camera, only the head is visible.

People also photograph @ Twisitor's camera.

A man looking up at the camera looking into it.

Some people greet family as "Hi, Mom!"

The camera that Twisitor had installed was in such a shape, and it seems that the camera was installed in the hole in the lower part of the roof, and how it is reflected was able to check with the personal computer.

Tweet people who got behind the images taken with @ Twisitor@ Twister CameoThere is also a Twitter service called "Twitter service", which tweets about men who are sleeping on the sofa, reflected in the back of the male pair of people in the image below.

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