Movie that shows that 360 degree next generation porn video seen with VR headset is overwhelmingly more immersive than before

Gear VRYaOculus RiftAlthough VR headset which can enjoy 360 degree movies easily by combining with smartphone appears, 360 degree porn video corresponding to VR headset is being produced by Pornhub of adult site, "There is a feeling of immersion A movie called "It will be like this if you experience rolling porn video" has been released.

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Men who are tired of work and are in a snack.

In the neighbor, I surf the job and surf the net.

...... not playing porn videos.

It seems that two male pairs want to rest and to be disgusted by work.

The VR headset came down from the ceiling together with the question "Do you want something that can rest in the office?"

A man will quickly grasp the VR headset "Give it!" To the voice from the heavens "Please try VR porn!"

A man wearing the headset is excited about "Wow, Wow!" On the sight that spreads in front of you.

"What on earth can you see?"

"I can see the future!"

Friends of the office gather one after another and the next men try VR.

A man tilted his head in various directions and was proficient in the world of VR. The office friends who are watching around are also excited.

"This is great!"

Mouth pocahn state to too much realism.

Grandpa who was given a VR headset from his son on his birthday ... ...

Enjoying the world of VR, I'm nervous with silence.

How to see 360 ​​degree porn video using VR headset is very easy. First, attach the VR headset to your head.

Preparation is done by adjusting the focus etc.

Finally touch the main unit side to play the movie. You can enjoy porn videos anytime, anywhere, without worrying about people's eyes.

Even in the room ......

Also on the festival day.

Of course it can also be used outside.

If Christmas time is also VR headset, loneliness will be softened ... maybe.

If I use VR headset, I can do a porn video experience that I have not seen before.

It seems that you can experience like dancing out of mind.

It is possible to actually see pornographic images for VR headsets from the following sites,Gear VR,Oculus Rift,Google CardboardIt has become.

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