Key top of keyboard not knowing what to use for the top 10

In "goo ranking", the vote "The key of Windows which actually does not know how to use it" was made and the result was announced.

Actually I do not know how to use Windows key - daily ranking news - column - goo ranking

Actually I do not know how to use Windows key - net ranking - goo ranking

Top 10 is as follows.

First place: SysRq

Second place: F12

3rd place: F1

4th place: F3

5th place: F11

6th place: F2

7th place: F4

8th: Ins (Insert)

9th place: F6

10th place: F10

In fact, even 8 function keys are included in the top ten, and from the user who is using the shortcut key, "F1 is help, F3 is search, F2 is rename, F4 is combined with Alt and it ends softly with Alt + F4 Well, you can not help thinking that there are opportunities to use as much as you can combine with Fn key as much as possible! "With other key function keys too, use this key of this top ten It is as old as you are, old age, exactlyOld-fashioned kitchenIt seems that I feel like being treated like that itself, but the biggest problem is the No. 1 "SysRq". Looking for "such a key, was it there?" In the case of Let's note it was on the upper right side.

Furthermore, wireless solar keyboard with solar battery unnecessary for battery replacement "K750When I saw "... what?

Just as missing as "SysRq is unnecessary because it does not use!", It does not exist at all in the first place.

What is the key to use for SysRq together? As I looked it up, it looks like the following on Wikipedia.

System request - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Keyboard (computer) - Wikipedia

The SysRq (system request) key is originally a key for switching to the command input mode for the system during operation.

Originally IBM's mainframe "System / 370Used for communication with "IBM 3270What was installed on the keyboard such as ". It is now being used like the following items.

UbuntuTips / Others / MagicSysRq - Ubuntu Japanese Wiki

Let's say Ubuntu freezes and you can not do anything. This SysRq key is useful when you wish to restart the OS cleanly without damaging the HDD as much as possible or without losing data.

Magic SysRq key - Wikipedia

Magic SysRq key is a key sequence that issues a low level command on the system state in the Linux kernel, and uses SysRq in combination with other keys. This is for debugging in kernel development and is often used to restart the computer without recovering from that state or damaging the file system when the system freezes.

In short, because it is basically not used on Windows, there are many cases where you live with other keys like the print screen key. Remember, there may be no loss, but as long as you are using Windows, the existence itself is unknown. However, because displaying this key without erasing the SysRq key is a proof that the keyboard properly takes into account not only Windows but also Linux as an operating environment, so to speak, "This keyboard is what kind of user layer Is it targeting? "Appears to be transparent through the treatment of the SysRq key.

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