"BakeryScan" which can speed up cash registering by automatically identifying type and price in 1 second for 8 breads

The system "BakeryScan" that collectively identifies the type and price of multiple breads placed on the tray with a camera and can input 8 pan in cash register in about 1 second has appeared. The system which applied image identification technology to checkout check is the world's first.

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Bakery goods POS visual recognition system on trial in Tokyo bakery # Dig Info - YouTube

I chose various breads at the bakery shop ......

I will bring it to the cashier. If it is normal, the store clerk enters "How much is this bread, how much sandwich ... ..." at the cashier.

BakeryScan automatically identifies the pan on the tray at a time and calculates the total price.

Payment is completed in no time.

For example, if these four types of bread ......

The identification result will look like this.

A camera for scanning is attached at the position overlooking the register, and it identifies the type of bread on the tray.

If there is similar bread and the result of discrimination is wrong select it and it will be OK

For example, in this example, since it is not ROHSHAM & egg sand, touch it ... ...

Select "BLT" on the correct menu

Correction completed. Identification is possible not only by the appearance shape but also by baking color. In addition, since the correction result is reflected in the database, identification accuracy will be improved more and more.

Scan results are also displayed on the customer side, so even if you have chosen something you do not want bread you will notice.

The system has an all-in-one type with a POS register body and an add-on type with a set of scanning equipments, and a trial campaign of a free monitor for 2 months is underway at 30 companies only. Even if a person who does not remember all types of bread dealing with shops just because they just entered a part-time job will be responsible for the cash register, the machine will automatically identify it so it seems quite helpful to be able to deal with it.

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On April 1, 2015, I went to a shop where this system was actually introduced.

I went to a bakery "Bakery Factory" that scans bread in a flash and finishes accounting at the explosion speed - GIGAZINE

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