Fifteen things that became reality with the technique drawn in SF works

SF works such as novels and movies are fictional stories based on scientific imagination, but there are many technologies that this fantasy has become a reality,"15 SF technologies that have become such a reality are listed up.

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◆ 01: Spaceship
Father of French science fiction writerJules Verneof"From the Earth to the Moon (Moon World Tour)"Is an early work of SF novels published in 1865. His predictions were surprisingly accurate, and people drawn on the size of the moon, the spacecraft, the moon were drawn. A "small step of mankind" has already been drawn over 100 years ago.

◆ 02: Satellite
SF legend,Arthur C. Clark"The advanced technology and magic are difficult to distinguish from each other, because there are some people who heard their story soon and there are people who make such technology." I contributed to the science magazine "Wireless World" and I scientifically showed the concept of satellite communication, which is the backbone of communication for the first time.

◆ 03: Submarine
Jules Verne's "Twenty-seven underwater"Is a novel published in 1870. At that time the submarine existed and was used in the Civil War etc, but there were no submarines operated by anything other than manpower. Currently autopiloting is technically possible and can be said to have been influenced by Vern a little.Captain NemoThe portable diving system forecasted scuba diving.

◆ 04: Water bed
It may not be more appealing than robots and murderous rays, but the water bed actuallyRobert A. A. HainlineReleased in 1961 "Strange LandAppears on. He says, "I wanted to design a perfect bed by spending a crapless time at the hospital bed." The first commercial water bed was released seven years later.

◆ 05: Invisibility
H. G. WellsOf 1897 short stories "Invisible Man"Is the first story of many SFs featuring invisibility. Currently there are also planes that are not visible in the radar and transparent cloaks that can not be seen from the naked eye, but because it is military technology, it is unknown how far it spreads.

◆ 06: Flying car
The flying car that comes out in every SF finally became reality at last.The Terrafugia Transition Roadable AircraftI sold the world 's first flying car with 279 thousand dollars (about 26.5 million yen).

◆ 07: Alien
H. G. Wells published "1988"Space WarIn the end, the invading Martians were swept away by the Earth's bacteria, but today astronomers are closely watching the signals from other civilizations. When astronauts return to Earth, NASA takes precautionary measures to avoid the risk of microorganisms outside the earth entering the earth.

◆ 08: Mobile phone and Bluetooth
The Star Trek communication device operates convenient like a modern mobile phone, and it is possible to roam between galaxies.James T. KirkMost of the children playing with imitating peoples would have never known to someday communicate like him.

◆ 09: Ray gun
Ray guns appear in SF works quite frequently. In the earlier example, "Space WarUsed inHeat · RayThere are many other ray guns in SF magazines though it can be mentioned. Currently, some military lasers can hit a missile. Although it is not a ray gun, for the security at the 2012 Olympic Games in 2012Acoustic weaponWas used.

◆ 10: Robot
Karel CapekOf 1920's play "R.U.R.Is the first work that produced the idea of ​​"artificial people" and created the word "robot". In drama, human beings are all killed by robots who caused rebellion. Fortunately, in reality such a last thing has not happened,BAEIt is clear that the robot is in charge of the present age, such as Taranis' s next generation unmanned military aircraft, and a carpet vacuum cleaner rumba. It is still one of the most human robotsASIMOWas taken from Isaac Asimov which established the three principles of robotics.

◆ 11: Space travel
Space travel is a remarkable example that shows how SF is becoming the modern truth. Today, traveling to the International Space Station is possible if you pay the money, and many private companies are planning to realize space flight. In a longer term plan, hotel construction is planned even for visits to the universe and the moon.

◆ 12: Asteroid crash
A few years ago, nobody was concerned about asteroids. Asteroids have annihilated dinosaurs millions of years ago, but NASA is threatening about the objects that are approaching the Earth today and is gathering data on potential disaster risks. Several stations specialize in the discovery of such objects. The number of cosmic rocks that NASA can destroy the earth as much as it knows is about 5000.

◆ 13: Test tube baby and genetic engineering
It was released in 1932 that we prophesied the world in which we live now in various ways with eerieAldous Huxleyof"A wonderful new world"is. Huxley is test-tube baby, cloning, genetic engineering and designer child, such as, we arrived to the point of genetic engineering is a part of modern society. In addition, great new world out to come consumption society and Soma (drugs no side effects to drink when it becomes unpleasant feelings) is similar to the means of antidepressant in modern.

◆ 14: Touch screen tablet
iPad, e-book and touch screen telephones are present not only in SF, but throughout our real life. At the end of the 1960's, Star Trek's members of the spacecraft enterprise used PADD (personal access display device) for use as a computer. "Hitchhiker's Guide" used like books seems to be moving on a Wi-Fi. . And Tom Cruise is "Minority ReportPlease remember that you moved your arms in, and operated your computer with gestures. SF is a good example of anticipating today's most popular terminal.

◆ 15: Monitoring
Although it is not a SF work, it was published in 1949George OrwellAnti-utopian novel "1984"Many elements of monitoring are depicted predictably. In 2009, it became clear that one surveillance camera was installed for every 14 British citizens, and companies could grasp the information on the Internet and grasp the custom on our net etc. , Dictator who makes complete control appearing in 1984Great brothersIt actually exists after 911.

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