What happened to six companies independent from Apple?


There are six subsidiaries born from Apple since the establishment in 1974, but there should be few people who know all of them. That is why companies that are already missing, companies that are still in existence, companies that have traditionally been independent from Apple, from well-known companies to corporations such as "Were there such companies?"Apple GazetteIt is summarized.

Apple's Spinoff Companies

◆ 01:Claris
Claris became independent from Apple in 1987. Apple's softwareAppleWorksOriginally Claris was developing and researching under the name of ClarisWorks, but later I will name the companyFileMakerWe reorganized it, now it's database softwareFileMakerSeries andBentoWe are developing and releasing.

◆ 02:ARM
ARM in 1990Acorn ComputersAnd Apple,VLSI TechnologyARM was born as a joint venture by. The microprocessor currently used for Apple products is made by ARM, but it is used not only for Apple but also for many products such as HTC, Nintendo, SONY.

◆ 03:General Magic
Magic CapWe developed an OS for mobile terminal called "General Magic" independent in 1990. It is the most well-known among companies independent of Apple, initially called Pocket Crystal and is the mother of Apple's development team. Be the founder of AndroidAndy RubinHe also said that he was a member of the foundation.Apple NewtonWe competed in the development of portable devices with the development team of the development team, independent of the achievement of the losing but recognized as a subsidiary. Magic Cap is SONY'sMagic LinkAnd NeoNet of Panasonic, but it is out of business in 2002.

◆ 04:Rae Technology
Independent in 1992 and in 1996NetObjectsIt was Rae Technology. Personal information management software for MacRae AssistHas been developed.

◆ 05:Newton
The world's first personal digital assistant (PDA)Apple NewtonIs a product when Steve Jobs was leaving Apple, in 1997 Apple announced to set up a subsidiary based on Newton's development team. However, when Jobs returns as a CEO, we will withdraw this announcement and in 2004 we announced that Apple will not develop a PDA, but after some time the iPhone was announced it was possible to add software and now , The iPhone now functions as a PDA.

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◆ 06:Apperian
The most new company out of Apple is Apperian. It was founded on behalf of Chuck Goldman who worked at Apple's enterprise services department in 2009. We have built an app store for mobile devices targeting not only Apple but also Android and Blackberry, and we are steadily increasing customers.

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