How to convert NVIDIA video card into a 300,000 yen card

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"As I wrote it in the user forum of NVIDA, I silently erased it, so write it here, they seem to dislike publicly revealing it," so that the game video for about 110,000 yen in Japanese yen card"GTX 690"About 180,000 yen professional video card"Quadro K 5000"And for GPU computing used for further scientific research etc., it will be on the order of 300,000 yenTesla K 10A way to make it to the public was released.

Hacking NVidia Cards into their Professional Counterparts - Page 1

According to Mr. gnif who submitted, NVIDIA product group can be divided into two main areas mainly.

◆ 1: "Targeting the gaming market"GeForce"

◆ 2: "Targeting the professional market"Quadro"

More recently the following has joined.

◆ 3: "High-End Parallel Computing"Tesla"

Of course, as a manufacturer NVIDIA it is cheaper to use one chip than to make individual chips for each target market. Therefore, in fact, there are many cases where the same chip and the same composition are made in "GeForce" "Quadro" "Tesla" respectively. Why the same chip is physically on the screen, why is it different from that? By using a physical mechanism called "hardware straps", each PCI device It controls the ID, and this ID is transmitted to the personal computer, and it is decided which driver to use.

Mr. gnif originally purchased GeForce "GTX 690" for games and multi monitor, it is nice to be able to output up to 3 screens, but the driver only supports on Windows, the same thing on Linux In order to do it, you have to buy the high price "Quadro K5000" although it uses the same chip. Although it should be the same as the GPU, the price difference is indeed around 70,000 yen, and it is clear that the higher price "Quadro K 5000" is lower in performance than "GTX 690".

When the performance is expressed by the score, the price is high "Quadro K 5000" has a score of "3909", The price is cheap" GTX 690 "has a score of"4913"About 20% I do not know that it is cheaper that the higher the performance.

So, Mr. gnif decided to change the PCI device ID by specifying the register (resistor) which is the hardware / straps, and to change "GTX 690" to "Quadro K 5000".

It's here that there are registers

Explanatory diagram of which register is to be changed

As a result, change completion, "GTX 690" to "Quadro K 5000".

It can also be changed to "Tesla K10" of 300,000 yen range.

Just doing this will not speed up, but if you have the same kind of anger as Mr. gnif, it will be a light.

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