"Anti Adblock" to prevent the page from showing to people who hide ads with Adblock


Google will advertise most of its revenue on search result pages "Google AdWordsOn the other hand, users who do not want to see advertisements hide ads using "Adblock Plus" etc. However, on March 13, Google suddenly got AdBlock · AdAway · Such as AdFreeDelete apps that prevent you from seeing ads all at onceDid. The reason is "Android Market Developer Distribution AgreementIt is said that it is a violation, in short, it is out because it interferes with app developers who make living by advertisement revenue and Google.

And with similar ideas scripts made to counter ads and extensions that hide ads on websites are "Anti Adblock"is.

Antiblock.org - Anti Adblock scripts

You can experience a demonstration on how to actually block AdBlock on the following site. A message is displayed when advertisement is blocked and the page can not be read.

Antiblock.org - Script-Download

Blocking ads will make the page invisible in this way

It will become visible when you release the ad block.

It is made to function effectively with the following ad block add-on, extension function, software etc.

· Adblock Plus (Firefox · Google Chrome)
· IE 7 Pro (Internet Explorer)
· Kaspersky's anti-banner function
· Ad block to rewrite hosts file
· Ghostery (Firefox)
· Adblocker.css (Firefox · Safari · Opera)
· AdSweep (Opera)
· Adblock (Google Chrome)
Adblock Pro (Internet Explorer)
· Simple Adblock (Internet Explorer)

Easy to use, just access the following page, copy the code, paste it between the body headers in the page. It is customizable in various ways, such as whether to display the message prompting to release the ad block all the time or to display it for a certain number of seconds and close it, and the developer is more difficult to block the PHP version We encourage you to use the code.

Antiblock.org - Script Download

There is already an add-on "Disable Anti-Adblock" to invalidate the "Anti Adblock" script already in Firefox.

Disable Anti-Adblock :: Add-ons for Firefox

However, further upgrade deactivation which invalidates this add-on is implemented in the "Anti Adblock" script, and so on, there is a dead heat which is going on and off, and it is quite unpredictable situation.

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