"Obama for America on AWS" which the vision of the future of the net election that this should come is that the power of Amazon's cloud supported the President Obama's re-election

Based in Chicago, Illinois "Obama for America (OFA)"The Obama campaign aimed at presidential re-election through the campaign involves hundreds of thousands of staff and volunteers, but also to collect donations from supporters to maintain campaign activities, mobilize voters, It was a matter of time before the system for collecting organizations to be broken down ... It became a matter of time ... and it was sustained that it was a big pinch and broke downAWS(Amazon Web service), but the architecture of that enormous infrastructure is released.

Obama for America on AWS - Infrastructure Architecture

First of all, access from the nation is distributed by round robin DNS, Route 53 is also utilized, and traffic is flowed to "US W" for failover and "US E" at normal times.

The number and composition up to overwhelming.

This "dashboard" is a virtual field office application. Even if volunteers do not go to the central headquarters of the camp, they can participate in the campaign campaign, setting evaluation criteria value, tracking door to door visits, registering voters, soliciting telephoning to voters promoting voting can also be managed.

"Call tool" is a remote calling tool that allows volunteers to call the voting request from home and connect volunteers with similar life experiences and voters.

There are also other applications "Dreamcatcher" that persuades voters who revealed emotions on social networking sites (SNS), data on incidents that occurred to voters such as fraud / abuse / illegal election activities / other polls A voter incident tracking tool used for collection (notified to a local lawyer who volunteers for election campaign, attorneys notified are sent to the site where problems occurred to judge the situation and collect information) such as Even things are moving. Besides, in the case of an application that creates a map for delivering flyers, it is possible to prioritize the route of each volunteer using an external system.

The system realizes a heterogeneous design such as Ruby on Rails (RoR), Python, Django, PHP etc, and the database is Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, etc. Also MongoDB · Apache Hadoop · Vertica · LevelDB · Amazon S3 · Amazon DynamoDB · Amazon SimpleDB is also used.

In addition to AWS, we also offer "New Relic" and "Chartbeat" to monitor performance, "Cloudability" to monitor costs, "CloudOpt" to optimize replication operations between important regions and API delivery tool "Mashery", "GitHub" and "Campfire" to adjust the work of developers, "Puppet" and "Netflix Asgard" to automate infrastructure, "OpenVPN" as network access provision,

The cost of AWS alone$ 270 7287.97(Approx. 24.73 million yen), resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars of funding, prioritization of telephone solicitation of millions of calls, adjustment of thousands of volunteers, protection of voters from fraud and harmful election activities, It is a scalable system that can be used by millions of users to support activities such as "

It seems like it will be a glimpse of the future that should come really in the elections to be released in Japan, but it is certainly whether there are people who can realize sophisticated things so far by Japanese politicians It means meaning, anxiety.

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