Not only robots "Ship animation" "Galantea of ​​the star" Starring Screening Event Report

The event to pre-screening the first episode · 2nd episode of the new original animation "Galgantia of the Suteki" which will be broadcast from April 2013 at the cinema is currently being held around the region, and March 2 I went to see it because the event will be held in Osaka Station City Cinema. In the event, Mr. Ishikawa playing the role of Lado who is the hero, Kimoto Hisako playing Amy role, Direct Producer Hirasawa of Production I. G appeared, he talked about points of interest and attention points.

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Lord of the protagonist is a warrior fighting a heterogeneous living body Hiders who boarded a humanoid mobile weapon chain bar.

However, during the withdrawal in a fierce battle, it was swallowed by the strain of the spacetime and the time to reach the earth which is the site of the birth of humankind on the remote planet.

The chain bar arrived at the frontier planet / earth. Where people lived together by forming a fleet and salvaging past heritage from underwater. Although the chain bar was salvaged from the sea, it can not be dismantled by the fleet technology.

Amy (right), a girl living in a fleet, is interested in this mysterious robot.

From the moment, Redo took Amy to run around the ship ... ... until the place where the first story.

Rigit, serving as assistant head of the Gargantia fleet, is cautious about the treatment of Red.

Amy trying to interact with Red.

In the meantime, Red is thinking of coexistence with the fleet because it is hard to imagine that the earth is too remote and coming soon will come.

The fleet is sailing according to a group of charged plankton called "galactic road."

In the second episode, the salvage ship operated by Bellows will be attacked by pirates. Ledo who thought that this would be a trading material living in a fleet would buy help but ... ....

The screening of the first episode and the second episode was performed in the preliminary screening event, and it was done in the form of cast talk after the screening was finished. Mr. Yuji Hirooka, advertising producer for Bandai Visual, was in charge of the moderator.

About the impression of seeing the 1 story and the 2 story again once again, "I think that the opening is refreshing and I think that it will be the street work so please look forward to it," Mr. Ishikawa. In the third episode, one of the main characters exited "Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magica" who was in charge of the series compositionFictitious sourceAs Mr. Hirooka is in charge of the series composition and screenwriting, Mr. Hirooka made "I am not pretending" to have inclusion in the future.

Kimoto is surprised to hear about the lively picture and "galactic road" in the after drama, when the image is not a finished version, but it is too beautiful. Especially, the color of the sea was green than I thought. According to Hirasawa producer, he repeatedly talked over and over since last year, and he seems to have become this color as a result.

Mr. Ishikawa said, "I will decide not to attack people of the fleet because Red is gentle, but I want to help early, so I ask Chain I think I will fight according to the bar. " Meanwhile, Kimoto answered that "I do not think I'm not involved" although aggressively trying to get involved even though a boy who did not know came, Ami said "If they are Redo and Amy Then, the work was not going ahead. "

According to Hirasawa producer, Mr. Kagiyama suggested that the relation of the chain bar, which is also a program supporting redo and robot and pilot, is not only a ride but also a relationship to help each other, If it is troublesome, let's let the robot let you do it ", it seems that there is a circumstance that it became responsible for bridging the two languages ​​of the universe and the earth. Although there are CMs on which smartphones are anthropomorphized, the information is provided by the terminal in the same way as that, but the judgment is made by the person himself / herself, and so on.

For Ledo and Amy, I wanted to make a positive story first, so he thought of thinking of making it a behavioral character. The relationship between the two people may have been the first time they met on the planet, especially for Red, because Amy was the first person to contact Amy on the earth ... ... that this is the second half of the fun about.

Amy 's impression of Mr. Ishikawa who plays Redo is "Very good and good child". It seems that it is quite difficult for a girl who is 15 years old to be involved in a person who does not know at all, but he feels he is a great child.

Meanwhile, although the appearance of Ledo seen from Kimimoto who plays Amy seemed to have a place where it is cool and not sure what he is thinking, there are various expressions as the story advances He was surprised to notice.

About Issuke Ishikawa's point of interest and attention characters since the third episode, Mr. Ishikawa cited "Change in Red" as to what Redo will change as a result of living in Gargantia. Also, as Amy in swimming suit appearing at Nagoya event held before the event in Osaka, I am looking forward to seeing where it comes out.

Kimoto gave a "female pirate larkage" that appeared in the digest of episode 3. It is very powerful as a character and the person himself is also interesting, but in a scene where a woman was connected by a collar beside her by a collar, he was saying "We are ... ..." with a weak voice, but when Lakege comes out, " Ichiba! "He is obediently following why they are connected, why they are connected, their own intention or not ... It seems that there is also a setting properly, but" I will not say, I'm not talking about broadcasting It was that it was.

Mr. Hirasawa says that this animation is more "robot animation" than robot animation, and since the ship of the Gargantia fleet is firmly incorporated not only the appearance but also the contents, not only Ledo and Amy , I told you that I want you to pay attention to the point that "Ship is what this time," this time.

As this event of this time will be held at several places nationwide, "secret setting information is revealed," Because it is a big deal, information to be disclosed only at that place! " In Osaka, it was announced that the previous day's novel before Red came to the earth was announced, and the setting picture of the character appearing in that novel was exhibited.

Illustration that "This is open only on this occasion". Mr. Ishikawa who heard about the day before Ledo commented that "I wanted to read it before you play". This novelization is scheduled to be pre-sold at "Machi ★ Asobi" or at Bersalle Akihabara event, etc. After 1 or 2 weeks, general sales at the nationwide cartoon shops and nitroplus mail order are planned. The schedule will be announced on the official website as soon as it is fixed.

At the end, costume chain bars appeared, and we were waiting for customers.

A popular chain bar.

"Galantia of the star" is scheduled to be broadcasted from Yomiuri Television in Osaka from April. The schedule will be posted on the official website as soon as it is decided. A manga artist Naruko Hanaharu provides the original draft for animation for the first time and attractive characters appear more and more so please look forward to it.

Saya (voice: Ai Kino)

Melty (voice: Aki Kana)

Bellows (voice: Shizune Ito)

Rigid (voice: Sayaka Ohara)

In addition, the preliminary screening event was also held at United Cinema Sapporo on March 10, including Mr. Ishikawa, Mr. KimotoCaiya's actor Ai Kinano also appearedSo that's it, so if you are interested please visit.

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