NVIDIA made smartpho equipped with Tegra 4i with 4 + 1 core CPU and 60 core GPU "Phoenix" photo review

A smartphone developed by NVIDIA as a reference model for reference by makers who manufacture terminals using NVIDIA's new CPU "Tegra 4i" is "Phoenix (Phoenix)"is. This time we will show details of that terminal and processorMWC 2013I was able to hear from the company that is exhibiting it so I will report on it.

How Phoenix, the Tegra 4i Reference Phone, Will Bring Awesome Features to the Mainstream

The appearance of the NVIDIA booth looks like this.

As of February 2013, there are two types of processor for the company's latest smart phone tablet. High end "Tegra 4"Is equipped with 4 + 1 core CPU, 72 core GPU, LTE modem and size slightly larger. On the other hand,Tegra 4i"Has a 4 + 1 core CPU and 60 core GPUs, making it compact also integrated with the LTE modem.

"Tegra 4"When"Tegra 4i"High-speed web browsing, HDR video shooting,"TegraZone Games"And the installation of an LTE model, among others.

Compared with competing processors, it can contribute to the reduction in size and weight of the terminal because it can raise high performance with less area.

When you play "Zombie Driver THD", "Tegra 4"On the terminal, it is possible to express shadows etc. that could not be done with the" Tegra 3 "terminal (left) of the previous model, making it a more stereoscopic screen.

The board on which the processor is placed is as follows. Left is "Tegra 4"And the right is"Tegra 4i"is.

"Tegra 4i"Built in NVIDIA reference model"Phoenix (Phoenix)Looking like this over and over.

The appearance of the terminal is as follows.

The back side.

NVIDIA logo.

Equipped with 13 million pixel rear camera.


Upper part.


It is like this when compared with iPhone 5.

I brought it with an adult male hand.

"Tegra 4"When"Tegra 4i"One of the newly enabled functions of installed terminals is full HD (30 frames per second)HDRBecause it was video shooting, the demonstration was held at the booth.

The live view screen at the time of HDR shooting is as follows, and on the right screen corresponding to HDR compared with the unused case (right), the house on the back which the shadow of the light hit is also shaded firmly I am able to see.

In HDR shooting with devices sold in the current market, subjects may be blurred and displayed in overlapping state. .

However"Tegra 4"When"Tegra 4iIf you are, you can shoot while watching with this feeling.

In fact, what kind of live view screen it is, it can be seen in the following movie.

HDR shooting demo of "Tegra 4" terminal - YouTube

In addition, it has a tracking focus function that keeps focusing on the target specified by touching.

Please check the following movie to see how you actually use the tracking focus.

Tracking focus function of "Tegra 4" terminal is like this - YouTube

So, at the time of writing the article is still "Tegra 4i"Although the launch of the installed terminal has not been officially announced, if each manufacturer receiving the reference model can perform development smoothly, it should be able to purchase in Japan in the second half of 2013.

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