Nikon plans to release a digital single lens reflex camera "D7100" in March, from 130,000 yen

Nikon DX format digital single lens reflex camera which adopted optical low pass filterless specification and high density 51 point AF system, effective high picture number 24.1 megapixel, high drawing performance and object capture performance condensed into a compact and lightweight body "D7100"Wireless remote controller"WR-1"Was announced.

Nikon | News | Press Release: Release of Nikon DX format digital single lens reflex camera "D7100" and wireless remote controller "WR-1" condensed in a compact, lightweight body with high depiction performance and object capture performance

D7100 | Nikon Imaging(Shooting sample and catalog available)

AF - S DX NIKKOR 18 - 105 mm f / 3.5 - 5.6 G Looking at the situation when ED VR is installed

"D7100" has 24 pixels effective pixels, Nikon DX format CMOS sensor and high-performance image processing engine "EXPEED 3" adopts optical low pass filterless specification to realize sharp depiction. Also equipped with a high density 51 point AF system, cross type sensor is used for 15 points in the central part frequently used, and the focus point of 1 point in the center corresponds to f / 8, and with an open F value of 4 It is said that smooth AF shooting will be possible even when the composite F value becomes 8 with the combination of the tele-converter (2.0x) and the telephoto NIKKOR lens.

Furthermore, "D7100" is capable of shooting with a new image pickup range, "DX 1.3 × Crop", which is equivalent to the focal length of about 1.5 times the mounted lens (converted to 35 mm format) From the DX format, it is about 1.3 times, that is, the photographing field angle equivalent to the focal length equivalent to twice the mounting lens, so it is possible to draw the subject and shoot. In addition, at "DX 1.3 × Crop", 51 focus points cover the whole area of ​​the screen widely, about 7 frames per second ("DX 1.3 × Crop" when in "DX format" up to about 6 frames / Sec, in each of which the image quality mode is JPEG or 12 bit RAW.CIPA guidelines compliant).

In addition, there are "Spot White Balance" which allows you to preset the white balance with reference to the part of the subject in live view and the "RGB White"
Improved wide viewing angle 3.2 type large screen high definition LCD monitor, "i button" which can quickly access frequently used functions, etc. are newly installed.



Rear LCD display

Upper surface


The price is according to Yodobashi camera as follows.

Nikon D7100 body:138,000 yen

Nikon D7100 18-105 VR lens kit:178,000 yen

Nikon D7100 16-85 VR lens kit:¥ 208,000

Nikon D7100 18-200 VR II lens kit:226,000 yen

Also, this is the simultaneous launch wireless remote controller "WR - 1"

The price is according to Yodobashi camera as follows.

Nikon WR - 1 [Wireless Remote Controller]:¥ 61,800

"WR-1" is a high-function type model of a high-function wireless remote controller capable of remote operation even if there is a shield such as a tree between transmission and reception, which has a wide directivity due to the use of radio waves, and the transmitter It can be switched to a receiver, and the communication distance between "WR-1" is up to about 120 m. The number of available channels is 15. In addition to the release of one camera equipped with "WR - 1" (reception) and "WR - R 10" by the operation of "WR - 1" (transmission) It is now possible to perform various remote shooting including "simultaneous release" and "interlocking release" of cameras of the same group, "remote control by group" which performs grouping of plural cameras, and "interval timer shooting" It is said that there is. Remote operation in combination with "WR-R10 / WR-T10" is also possible, and it is possible to record not only still images but also moving image shooting ("D4", "D800" series, "D600", "D5200", "D7100" It seems that it corresponds also.

In combination with "D7100" equipped with "WR - 1" (set as receiver), the camera setting of "D7100" (shooting mode, shutter speed , Aperture, ISO sensitivity, etc.) can be confirmed and changed.

Pairing is required for all "WR - 1", "WR - R 10" and "WR - T 10" to be used, and the number of pairs that can be paired is "WR - 1" WR - R 10 "is a maximum of 64 units. Also, with "interlock release", only the camera equipped with a 10 pin terminal can be used as a master camera, and if you use "WR - R 10" as a master camera, you need the WR conversion adapter "WR - A 10" , "D7100" with a camera equipped with an accessory terminal does not function as a master camera.

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