It becomes like this when photographing and searching the net by voice operation of Google's glasses type PC "Google Glass"

Google's glasses-type computer "Project Glass(Common name: Google Glass) "can be operated by voice rather than by hand, to retrieve the necessary information, to capture photos and movies, was actually done in New YorkTake a fashion show with Project GlassAlthough it was also attempted to try, the official website was released on February 20th of the local time, and it became possible to watch the movie using the various functions other than the camera as well.

Google Glass - Home

This is Google's developed eyeglass computer Project Glass, commonly known as "Google Glass".

Eyeglasses are made of lightweight, flexible material.

At present color variations are five kinds of charcoal, tangerine, shale, cotton, sky.

You can see how you actually see the world through Project Glass from the following movies.

How It Feels [through Glass] - YouTube

This is the world I saw through glasses. Clock is displayed in the upper right corner of the man's view which holds the pipe.

A menu such as "take a picture", "take a movie", etc. is displayed at the place where the clock was located with the call "OK, glass". The program is activated by noting the operation of the button, but by saying what you want to do, you can control by hands-free.

When saying "Record a video", the upper right has switched to the movie screen.

In addition, while the pilot is piloting, say "OK, glass, hang out with The Flying Club".

Then the image captured by the connected camera at the top right of the screen. From the other side of the camera you can see the images through the glasses.

Search Google's tiger's head here.

Images of various tiger's heads have been searched.

Also, call "Take a picture".

The shutter sound sounded.

The picture taken is displayed on the upper right.

Since both hands can be used freely, it is possible to take pictures that could not be taken so far.

Figure skating player.

sky diving.

You can also view the image being shot in real time.

A boy whose open mouth does not block the serpent coming to the glasses wearer.

Scream machine.

It can also be used as a substitute for car navigation systems.

The pilot of the previous time shows brilliant skills in the air, and the people across the camera roar.

The man holding the pipe that came out at the beginning had done a swing in the air.

Pictures of powerful riding.

Table tennis.

Kendo match.

I am scraping ice while watching the picture of the head of the tiger.

Dash to the gate while capturing the ticket information at the upper right of the field of view.

It was done with glassesfashion showThe state of.

A birthday cake was projected.

You can celebrate your birthday as if you were on the spot, even if you were in a remote place.

Furthermore, when we ate delicious things on the trip ... ...

It is also possible to translate the word "delicious" into the local language. "Thai" was "Alloy" in Thai language.

While watching the jellyfish swimming in the aquarium, search for Wikipedia with the word "jellyfish".

When I was on a balloon, I received a message saying "What is the scenery like there?" From a friend in a place away.

I will take a picture on the spot.

When you see a beautiful sight, you will be able to send your photos from that sight without looking away, so you can share the scene as if your opponent is next to it.

In addition, on the Google Glass website now, if you post and adopt "hash tag" on Google+ or Twitter with "How to use Glass yourself", you can get prototype $ 1500 (about 140,000 yen) A project is being given that qualifications can be given for purchasing at. Only applicants in the United States are eligible to apply, up to 5 images can be attached to posts, and videos up to 15 seconds can be attached.

Google Glass - If I Had Glass

Deadline is local time on February 27, 2013, the planned release in Japan is unknown.

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