Advertisement using sunglasses that can peep at things you can not see beyond the window

When you wear glasses you can see the other side of the walltoolAlthough it came out in "Doraemon", it seems that sunglasses which made it possible to see what can not be seen were invented. The world's first invisible advertisement movie using strange sunglasses that you can see things you could not see with the naked eye, such as a dog swimming in the water behind the window that should not have anything and a couple who loves each other, is from below.

LYNX ANARCHY: The World's First invisible-visible Ad - YouTube

In the city after the sunrise

People gather together. Beyond that ... ...

A house.

The girl has sunglasses.

Even if you look around, everyone wears sunglasses.

Before people see it

A window of one house of no discrimination.

I opened my mouth and looked at me,

Some people are taking photos.

Remove the sunglasses and look,

It is just a window like this. But once I wear sunglasses ......

There is a sexy and anarchic sight across the window.

You can see something you can not see when you wear this special sunglasses.

In the other side of the window there is an awesome love drama and so on,

A passerby not wearing sunglasses passes by without noticing anything

People wearing sunglasses are watching ... ...

A couple who is keen on kissing in the snow.

This woman in male seems to be noticing here.

A dog swimming in the water.

A mantle babe that reminds me of snow.

The police who came with something grinned unexpectedly to put on sunglasses.

Also wearing sunglasses.

Why does the image that should have been seen suddenly come out when sunglasses are put on, the LCD screen is fitted in place of the glass in the window, what is visible with white light with the backlight if it is the naked eye, with polarized sunglasses Mechanism that light is being adjusted. This event was produced by LYNXANARCHYAlthough it is part of the perfume promotion of being called, it is an advertisement that makes sexy experiences of peering through the appearance of other people who can not usually see and feels the evolution of technology.

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