A movie that appeals the beauty of LCD monitors that are broken and can not be displayed properly

I think that there are few applications that can reuse the monitor where the liquid crystal part is broken without repairing it, but a movie that appeals that beauty is knocked down by tampering with the broken monitor.

Although video signals can not be displayed properly, if you do not look at it as a monitor from the beginning, you may be able to feel the blazing rainbow color light as well.

Details are as below.
I am enjoying the reaction by pushing a broken monitor by hand.
YouTube - LCD Bending

It looks like a rainbow shining leaf.

You can enjoy the shape that changes every time you touch your finger.

A shape like a flapping bird.

Finally, like a drum, you can see how it shines whenever you hit your hand.

If the monitor does not have broken sadness, it seems to be beautiful.

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