Movie summary of new game titles that you can understand by just seeing the power and power of PS 4

"PS4"Hardware aspects such as what is new for players and what kind of new functions are available are often attracted attention, but what is most important for game hard is" What games can play ? " At first glance, I tried collecting movies of new titles published at the same time at this PS4 announcement event.

First of all, for people who do not have time, from the summary movie that flowed at the end of the event. Playing screens full of PS4 's hard specs are extraordinarily drawing out. It is not a movie scene, it draws out a lot of "images in the middle of playing in real time", and it can enjoy the power of PS 4.

PlayStation 4 - YouTube

Next is Capcom's new work title, "Deep down (temporary)", The latest development engine"Panta RheiIt is said that they are utilizing.

Deep down - working title - Teaser Trailer - YouTube

The following "Killzone Shadow Fall" has reached a considerable level imagewise.

Killzone Shadow Fall Announce Trailer (PS 4) - YouTube

Race of the campaign for several days and short race etc are kept every day, not only a car race, but also emphasis on the refraction and texture of light every day, aiming at realism physically and optically, It is "DriveClub" that runs and runs in various situations with the feeling of reproducing everything from riding place everything in detail. There is only a trial and error repetition for ten years, it becomes the title which fully uses all the functions of PS 4 probably, such as being able to go back and forth between my world and the other world via the Internet beyond mere simulation dimensions That's right.

DriveClub Announce Trailer (PS4) - YouTube

In super-human power, that is to say, fighting with super powers is "inFAMOUS: Second Son", as you can see, this is also quite level from the picture.

InFAMOUS: Second Son (PS 4) - YouTube

On the other hand, from the genre of indie games, "The Witness" which seems to be quite fun combining puzzle elements and adventure elements appears, feeling like solving several small puzzles and progressing one after another It is beautiful, it is beautiful also visually.

The Witness (PS 4) - YouTube

The game title introduced at the first PS4 announcement event is "Knack" below, which is contrary to the appearance, I feel like using PS4's powerfully.

Knack Announce Trailer (PS 4) - YouTube

In addition, it is possible to look back at the history of the following movies, past PlayStation, etc. that flowed at the beginning of PS4 announcement event at once.

PlayStation Meeting 2013 - YouTube

Also, what you can do with PS4 is also very easy to understand the following movies that flowed around the middle of the event.

PlayStation 4 See the Future - YouTube

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