Opera announces that it will migrate to WebKit + V8 engine, it will be in 18 years history

Having 300 million users worldwide, using its own HTML rendering engine "Presto"Was continuing to develop"OperaAnnounced that it will migrate to the same WebKit as Google Chrome and Safari. It seems that the JavaScript engine will be V8, so it looks like Opera, the contents look like Google Chrome (to use open source Chromium).

Opera Developer News - 300 million users and move to WebKit

As the first product of this new Opera Opera, the mobile version of Opera will be showing off at the "Mobile World Congress" to be held in Barcelona this month, the desktop version etc will be later than that , And that.

In addition, since this change is merely a change of "under the hood", in other words, it is only a change of the part which is dedicated to Kuroko, there is hardly any change in user experience, function as a browser, etc., rather than the same engine as Google Chrome It is supposed to be able to normally see compatible pages properly by adopting it.

Regarding the extension function, we are working on the development of a converter that converts existing ones, and it seems to be working on a new Chromium based Opera.

As the reason why Opera made Webkit, Netscape and Internet Expressplorer are trying to establish Web standards in 1995, which was the very beginning of the first development, and despite the necessity to keep Opera moving forward to counter it, According to the appearance of "HTML 5" and WebKit, all such standardization progresses all at once, judging that it is the future of the Web to keep developing WebKit rather than implementing ones that are already implemented in WebKit by Opera independently Thing. For example, a tab function, a speed dial function, a technique to compress the data and increase the reading speed of the page, etc. have been widely copied, and in the past 18 years, through the work of standardization by Opera, the web has been improving I will. In other words, by increasing WebKit not only in Opera, we will support all browsers adopting WebKit to be strengthened in compliance with web standards.

As a result of this announcement, the current main HTML rendering engine is three of Internet Explorer's "Trident", Firefox's "Gecko", Safari · Google Chrome's "WebKit", and in the comment section on the announcement page already "Presto engine Are you not getting open sourced? "Are starting to be inquired.

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