A short animation "Paperman" which clearly understands Disney's greatness with its high quality and completeness

Disney's short animation is about six and a half minutes in full story, boasts the high quality of overwhelmingly ranging from detailed thoroughness to movement, Disney's short animation "Paperman (Paper airplane)"is. It is completed to the extent that it is nominated for the Academy Award, full version full version (with full HD version) is released on Disney Official Channel on YouTube.

Paperman (full HD) - John Kahrs - YouTube

* It is possible to turn on / off 3D from the setting in the bottom right, and full HD playback of 1080p is OK

A male salaried man whose face is not even standing at the station and waiting for a train arrives

Train going through gogo

A piece of paper stolen from somewhere sticks to the man 's shoulder

A woman who blows the wind and blows it, chases it

I came back, it is a pretty beauty

A man avoiding misunderstanding because his eyes met.

Thriller latch, soapwate

Again the train

One sheet of paper at hand of a man, if it is skipped suddenly and hits a woman's face directly

Stunned man

Rushing the paper ...

A woman holding an eye

Open your eyes and turn your eyes to men

Men in love at first sight

A woman who notices something by looking at paper and suddenly blows out

When I thought of something and looked at the paper, there was a trace of lipstick, a kiss mark being pushed like a hanko

Men also smile bitterly


The lady gets on the train and the door closes

Ah ... a man with a feeling ...

Though I wonder if women are concerned with flickering ......

A train to depart, a man left behind, I can not do anything anymore, and I have to meet and break up in a flash

I do not get a job because I care about the previous things

When I was staring at the documents with the kiss mark on the desk for a while, there was a bunch of documents.

Looking up, there is a figure of your boss

A glance

Suddenly a gust of wind blew as I tried to continue my work, a paper with an important kiss mark fluttered out of the window

I rush in a rush


Just relax

But I found something outside the window

What is that figure that looks to the opposite building? It is!

Yes, is not she her example of a kiss mark?

Whatever happens coincidentally, although he waves hard, he does not notice it

A boss to call attention to return to work with a bad throat

I will think about the seat for a while, what has happened?

Hands on work documents ... ...

I will start folding paper airplane

Please let me know.


While checking that the line of sight of the boss does not point here ...


As it was, I fell down just under without force, regrettable

But there are still plenty of paper


Though it reached the building across the street, it crashed into the wall

Next paper airplane to another person

That's why I make it one after another and make throws and repeat throwing, finally the documents that had so many from the basket disappeared

Colleagues who quickly hide so that they will not be robbed of the paper of their work

While doing so ... ...

Time-up, apparently she's going somewhere

If this is the case, there is only the last one to use her kiss mark

Facial expression of determination

Unexpected spirit

Take a deep breath!

Even though I thought again, it gusts and flies before it throws

Moreover, she goes out of the room ......

Outside the building

Boss emerges again under him under emptiness

My eyes meet ......

I was confronted with a bunch of documents that had to be handled stubbornly and I was depressed

But turning into the face of a man who decided something

Go out of the office with a dash as it is

She does not know such a thing, she walks with a cousin

A man who jumped out in a panic fashion further dashes to the road where the car goes and leaves

Finally reaching the street with the building across from where you ran risked, I saw ......

Paper airplane rather than she

Damn it from irritation I could not make use of my chance! And throw a paper plane as thoroughly

The paper airplane fly as it is ... ...

To some building

It hits the wall as it is and it will fall down

It was a sled of other paper airplanes that threw in thoughtfully and thrown back then at that time

A paper plane with a kiss mark where the wind blows and makes a loud noise.

It is a story that seems to be common as far as it is, but there is this "ahead" how much further, we will head towards the raging climax thoroughly until the end of music, movement, directing and even the last one . "Indeed, this is a good thing, indeed it is a Disney."

Also, as you can see if you play an actual movie, the height of the texture of the extraordinary level and movement are in a state of motion, but the making movie of how how this animation is realized is hereunder.

Paperman and the Future of 2D Animation - YouTube

The actual procedure seems to be as follows.

Do Hiroshima International Animation Festival 3DCG dream of 2D? Hiroshima International Animation Festival 2012 Report | WEB animation style

According to John Cars, this is said to have been made by a new technology that overlays 2D drawing on 3DCG's animation. Specifically, I made a model of 3DCG and animated it with 3DCG using it. The images created in this way are projected on the LCD monitor, and this time the 2D animator draws the contour lines etc directly on it. The drawn lines are processed as vector data, and when the 3D model moves, it moves as it sticks to it (new software has been developed to realize these technologies). The whole smooth movement is made by a 3D animator, and the details of the contours, hair, wrinkles of clothes, etc. are part of the hybrid style that 2D personnel fills up. On top of that, processing of light sources etc. has been repeated, and the result with the "good feeling" form and the classic celluloch is completed. As a result, it was very impressive that the finish was very close to the current Japanese commercial animation. According to the director's speech, it came to this style from the idea how to use the skillful drawing of 2D animator somehow. It is surprising to be honest that these ideas will come from North America, which is the height of 3D CG animation. Here may be the key to making use of the style of commercial animation in Japan.

What is amazing than anything is that it is excelled to fully express everything with animation, music, direction, etc, without relying on dialogs at all, by simply looking at its movement, it is clear that "animation is the animation because it moves" I can feel it.

Legged paper paper How to fold an airplane - YouTube

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