It will be ridiculous if men use women's shampoo

When going to the shampoo corner, the men 's use and the women' s use are clearly separated, but what if the men use the ladies' garment what will they be? The movie below depicts the thing.

Funny Shampoo Commercial - Dove Men Shampoo - YouTube

While watching documents, I walk with my family and I will talk to my colleagues at the company

Suddenly suddenly it became slow motion, the cuticley feeling gloss and the smoothness of hair became disturbed, and BGM turned into a song like that "A · A ~, A ~ A ~ ♪"

Reply with the feeling "What?"


Continue to be continued Hair

"Did you do something for your hair?"

Just moving a little, it's smooth -


"Even though I see an effect that I often see in shampoo commercials ...."

"You can see it when you move your hair like this ..."


Shinya Tsuya Ya ~

In a state where you can not hide the state of surprise.

"Maybe your shampoo ..."

I take out my shampoo quickly from anywhere and stare at eyes

It's for women regardless of where you look

Entering a recollection scene



"... ...."

Dash in a sudden and escape from the workplace, during which it will slow motion if there is a gap.

Although I board the elevator ......

Hair will flow when turning around and activating smooth motion

Mercilessly smoothness effect when running time is long even while running

Smoothness ~

Run into the supermarket ......

Get men's shampoo

Check firmly

I took it out ...


Scrub with a bath towel

As expected.

"The shampoo for women is not for you," which means that Dove was a commercial movie made for Brazil.

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