The snowman crosses the field and crosses the mountains and has gone on a journey The movie "The Journey" that draws objects sought at the end

Two snowmen made by two older brothers on a winter day. Although it was a pair of boys and girls, on the next day, only the girl's snowman was left behind in a sad appearance in the garden, the movie that the boy will go on a trip is "The Journey". Walking towards the snowstorm and being nearly drunk by the sheep and climbing to the towering mountain I arrived and the town where the illumination was lit, the snow which was white was also dirty before it got dirty, but still the snowman ' What? While it is a one and a half minute movie, the snowman with blurry face and the melody of beautiful BGM make it very hearty content.

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2012 - The Journey - YouTube

One day in winter, my sister who makes a snowman in my garden.

To a mother knocking out the window and letting it in soon ....

Two snowmen are left behind.

A boy with a fuzzy looks on ... ...

It is a girl with a smile

The boy staring at the girl 's snowman suddenly smiled.

In the evening, the lights of the house are also erased.

In the morning, the girl who opened the curtain saw ... ...

A lonely figure of a snowman who left alone.

As for the snowman of the boy who left, I was walking under the cold.

She seems to be caught in a flock of sheep

I got lost in a dim forest

I will not stop walking even in the snowstorm.

A boy who stops the hand going to the river's stream and stands up

When in trouble, there is a bird in front of me.

Then left the snowman 's boy, the birds flew away lightly behind the river.


Go into the cold water and cross the river

A mountain that is so big that the summit can not be seen ....

Even if a lump of snow falls on my head, I keep going climb all the time.

The boy who finally reached the summit saw ......

The light of the city.

Although I arrived at the town, I do not know right or left, a boy who is at a loss.

The snow which was white was also uncleanly dirty.

Finally I will reach the city and stay in the illumination.

And the roadside boy saw ... ...

The next morning the curtain will be opened again by the girl.

A girl who smiles.

I got a morning sun and my face got dirty for a while, but a snowman smiles as well.

A broken wrapping paper on the snow.

Red gloves on the tip of the twig.

There was a figure that girls who did not have anything and seemed to get cold attached a red muffler and a hat.

"A little little love for Christmas"

So, this is a department store in LondonJohn LewisThe CM. British singerGabrielle Aplin"Power of Love" song is flowing through the whole BGM, the last is wrapped in moist and heartful emotions.

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