"Path of Beauty" where you can enjoy yourself alone with the lovely Louvre museum without anyone

Families with 537 masterpieces exhibitedLouvre MuseumNot only works but also buildings are beautiful and there are plenty of things to see, but since many people visit from all over the world, they are going to be pressed together. With the feeling that they are seeing the work, people can not see the work in the first place A situation also occurs. So, if the work can be seen calmly at the Louvre museum where there is no one ... ... the wish fulfilled the wish .... The movie that depicts how to paint numerous masterpieces alone is a "Path of Beauty"is.

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A woman heading to the Louvre.

Many people are crowded around the museum.

But once you go inside ... ...

There is no empty figure, and it is inside the hall which calmed down quietly.

First, where the woman headed ......

Venus of Milo.

In the usual case, I enjoy it thoroughly as I see it being made tomorrow while being crowded with the crowd.

Then I will enter another room.

Theodore Gerichaux'sRaft of Medusz. The French navy 's Medusz wrecked and shows the actual incident that caused 15 drivers to drift.

Here is one woman in the room.

I will walk the road where world-class masterpieces are repeatedly followed.

It is the largest painting in the ruble that is hanging on the wall, Paolo Veronese's "Wedding of Kana"

And ...

Mona LisaFace to face.

Between Kaliatido.

A woman passing through a women-shaped pillar, Cariatide.

Since the Louvre was originally a palace, not only paintings but also ceiling paintings are amazing.

Serious look while listening to the sound.

The second largest painting in the ruble, "The coronation ceremony of Napoleon". The coronation ceremony is a ceremony to clarify inauguration that emperors and others receive the crown, Napoleon himself did not receive crown from the Pope, but put his crown overhead with his own hands. In the painting, Napoleon is drawn to give a crown to his wife Josephine.

I will go up the stairs without anyone.

A woman looking up at the last work.

It is a goddess without head and arm "Nike of Samothrace".

And women will leave the work.

The unmanned museum was left behind afterwards.

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