Russian Hermitage Museum requests Italian museum to return rented works of art

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Hermitage Museum , one of the world's largest museums in St. Petersburg, Russia, is asking for the return of works rented to Italian museums.

Picasso, la Russia chiede all'Italia la restituzione delle opere d'arte in prestito --La Stampa

The Hermitage museum in St Petersburg has demanded the return of art works loaned to Italy from its collection as the consequences of Russia's invasion of Ukraine and sanctions hit the culture sector | The Guardian updates? page = with: block-6229e7568f08527b36854506 # block-6229e7568f08527b36854506

Russia's Hermitage Museum Is Demanding the Early Return of Loans It Made to Italian Museums | Artnet News

According to media reports, the statues by Antonio Canova rented to the Galleria de Italian Museum in Milan and the Titian Vecellio and Giovanni rented to the Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace of Milan) are being asked to return. -Paintings by Cariani, paintings by Pablo Picasso rented to the Arda Fendi Foundation in Rome, etc.

Of these, the Galleria de Italian Museum is a contemporary sculpture exhibition that focuses on the works of Canova and Bertel Thorvaldsen, in collaboration with the Hermitage Museum and the Thorvaldsens Museum in Copenhagen.

Canova | Thorvaldsen: l'innovazione nella tecnica della scultura | Gallerie d'Italia di Milano --YouTube

The exhibition at Palazzo Reale is a special exhibition called 'Titian and the 16th Century Venetian Female Statue'.

Tiziano e l'immagine della donna nel Cinquecento Veneziano

The Arda Fendi Foundation exhibited Italy's first 'Young Woman' at the 'Pablo Picasso Young Woman 1909' exhibition at Galleria Renocellos Rome.

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Italy's Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini commented, 'If the owner wants to return the work, he must.' All activities related to the 'Year of Crossing the Italian-Russian Museum' were immediately suspended.

In addition, the letter received from the director of the Hermitage Museum, Mikhail Pyotrovsky, said, 'By the decision of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, all overseas rental listings must be returned. The Hermitage Museum relies on the Ministry of Culture. 'Because it is a national museum,' he said, 'Our shipping agency will handle everything. This decision will cause great discomfort and inconvenience to everyone, but please understand.' It seems that it was tightened.

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