World's largest firearms trade fair "2013 Shot Show" Local coverage Articles summary

It will be held in January every year in Las Vegas, USAShot show(ShotShow)"Is the world's largest firearms trade fair gathering manufacturers handling firearms, military products and hunting supplies all over the world. There is a demand for huge firearms and related products in America that can possess guns as well as military and police civilians as well as civilians, and 1600 companies exhibited at the event last year and more than 60,000 visitors It also shows the size of the market. This time that "Shot show"We are planning to report on the unique firearms and popular products we found at the venue as we were able to interview in the field.

So I came to Las Vegas.

Advertisement of Dodon and big shot show is also in the airport.

Building that made a strange look for customers to attract casinos.

There are lots of huge hotels.

"Shot show"Will be the main venue"Sands Expo & amp; Convention CenterThe appearance of.


Luxurious interior decorations such as chandelier and carpeted floor attract attention.

Advertisement of an unusual hand gun with two muzzle.

When you look at the map where part of the venue is drawn, you can see that there are many booths anyway.

Arrived at receptionist for media. The event was held from the next day (January 15, 2013), so on this day it was only possible to receive an interview card, preview of the press room, interview at the shooting ground, and could not enter the exhibition hall.

The entrance of the press room is like this.

Spacious interior.

A shelf containing pamphlets and DVDs containing photographs and video materials for distribution.

Workspace for article creator.

Some desktop PCs can be used freely.

The notebook PC power supply is also perfect. In addition, it seems that WiFi which can be used for free is prepared as well as checked by the receptionist.

So, after creating articles from the site and completing it, add it to the following summary,GIGAZINE's Twitter Official AccountWe are planning to post update status also to us so please do not hesitate to contact us.

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