Intel CPU of innovative form appeared in Amazon, and it is being praised extensively in the review column

"Bakemono CPU explosion with three-dimensional heat-dissipating type 48 core" "" There are as many as 48 high-performance CPUs from Intel! "" It was an unusual item for myself because it was too high performance "" This is a novel form novel " The CPU which is full of praise in the review column, etc., such as the professional is a state-of-the-art CPU of consent! Has appeared in the "home & amp; kitchen" category. Intel CPU Core i7 i7-2600K 3.4 GHz 8 M LGA 1155 Sandy Bridge BX 80623 I 72600 K: Home & amp; Kitchen

This is the body

48 pieces

The review column is supposed to be terrible.

48 is also included and profitable

There are as many as 48 Intel high-performance CPUs!
Nursery school lunch time will be improved!

It seems to be progressing with multithreading

A total of 48 threads of parallel processing, the meals are quick
Those who are considering this CPU think that it can be effectively used in the workplace of more than 48 employees.
Especially it is recommended for 48 idol groups.

Truly Amazon !!

If you build on this, the internet is crispy too
I think that it is best for my first personal computer
I wonder that 48 such wonderful items will follow
Truly Amazon! You can pull off what you can not do for other shops.
It is shrilled there! I long for you!

In the era total intel era

Whether it is Kusaki Intel or not, there has been no stagnation in meal speed.
I7's 3.4 GHz and specifications are also high and decades seems to be able to fight with this spoon.
I do not see a fork type release schedule, but I would like to buy it as soon as it is released.
I think that the number is also very satisfying products to be very much.

Moreover, it is because it is too popular, it is out of stock now, it is in a state that I can not purchase.


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