Cleverly will not post online mail order of "2011 misfortune box", store sales will be undecided

It was revealed that the computer shop "Akihabara" of Akihabara will be posting online sales of the 2011 edition of "misfortune box" which is the annual annual.

"There were three junk MP3 players," "There was a bezel part of the optical drive and more than 10 cables"As reported every year, unlike general lucky bags, it was known as an item including "joke goods-like nuance" that "prepares one year's misfortune on the first day", but as well as online sales, It is said that whether over-the-counter sales will be done or not is also determined.

By the way, the picture above is the 2010 edition of unfortunate box "recession box" which was abandoned in Akihabara this January.

Details are as below.
I got inquired about the release of the 2011 edition "misfortune box" to Cleverly's public relations officer at GIGAZINE editorial department, "Unfortunate boxes for the New Year's Day 2011 are not scheduled for sale by mail order due to various circumstancesThe answer that I returned is returned. Also, regarding sales at stores, it is said to be "undecided", and it is "under consideration".

The reason for the official launch of the unfortunate box is said to be "various circumstances", but when selling the "depression box" in January this year, not only the Cleverly junk items, but also the followingWe announced that "There are goods of hit"For the end, forgetting that it is a series of "unfortunate boxes", users who purchased with excessive expectations felt indignation,Developed to the situation that shop evaluation at "price .com" can be plungedIs considered to be in the background.

The actual contents of "recession box". It's not ashamed for the name of "unfortunate box" series that there is no utility such as Anpanman and microSD card with winter sonata, pen tablet compatible software, Windows 95/98 / Me compatible game, originally not PC parts at all .

Anpanmen who were just entering for some reason.

The video card "GeForce 8600 GTS" which seemed to be hit was also unfortunate that the screen is not displayed properly when it is operated.

This box looks like this. It contained a packaged video card "GeForce 9600 GT 512 MB".

Because it seems to be a life and death problem for shops that develops to the situation that "shop evaluation can be plummeted", it seems that there is no way to have such a result, but annually I feel a bit lonely as it is ... ....

2010/12/30 21:37 Addendum
According to Talekomi, store sales will be done as usual.

Announcement! It is! | Cleverly Akihabara's first store blog 【CLEANABI】

It seems that it was made an article by Mr. GIGAZINE ... I will do it normally at stores.

In that regard

New Year's Day 2011
Unfortunate bag ~ FKB 2011 ~ Limited sale implementation! It is!
Limited 100 pieces only (one per person)
Tax included \ 2,011
Cleveland 1st store limited edition

Contents ... We will not expose it as usual after purchasing.
Incidentally, it is the reason why mail order was canceled, but there are certain articles of articles. I will honestly tell you that this is a life and death problem as I run a shop. If similar things happen ... Store sale may be gone next time. (It's not a story or fly, it's serious ... tears)
However, there are no Anne __Man-like killer software, and there are also no junk parts, some kind ... It can be said that it is a year of bad work ... Personal view that it can not be prepared until mail-order sales.
Even if you do a misfortune sack or a misfortune box, purchase will occur ... and so on.
I can not prepare cardboard or bags for free.
It costs labor costs to make it ....

Well, with regard to the unhappy bag again with various attention.
· It is never a lucky bag. Those who are looking for lucky bags please purchase at home electronics mass retailers.
Or, please purchase Mr. Village Vanguard's unhappy bag. (We have nothing to do with our company)
· You can not check the contents before purchasing.
· Please prepare "11 yen" in advance. Selling may not be possible. (In a change meaning)
· Please purchase in cash as much as possible. (Please let me go through the cash register smoothly)
· You can not sell at mail order.
· Returns · refunds can not be made.
· Please refrain from opening on site. It is unfortunate bag / unfortunate box until I take it home.
· Please refrain from disposal at the site. It will cause troubles of neighboring residents and shops.
· There is FKB, but it has nothing to do with FILCO products.
· There are 2011, but only 100 pieces are sold.
· The production site says, "It is not like unfortunate bags".
- There is no warranty on products inside.
By the way, we offer some non-moving parts personally. (It is confirmed unoperated at a certain company)
· Unfortunately ◯◯ 14 is not included.
· If Anne ○ ○ Man is in ... it is a big hit.

As mentioned above, the responsible official who may be in charge of this item's manuscript announces it.

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