It turns out that the contents of Core i9-13900K purchased at Amazon were Core i7-13700K

Thanks to the enhancement of online shopping services such as Amazon, it has become easier to order PC parts from home without having to go to a PC parts shop. However, because PC parts are expensive, there are also unscrupulous traders who sell them knowing that they are fake or defective. There is a report on the overseas online bulletin board site Reddit that `` When I purchased

Core i9-13900K on Amazon, it was Core i7-13700K that actually arrived '', and it has become a hot topic.

i9 13900k showing as i7 13700k : r/intel

Amazon customer discovers his Intel Core i9-13900K is an i7-13700K in disguise | TechSpot

The CPU in question was purchased by Reddit user Much_Designer_8417. Below is a photo of the CPU, which was purchased in April 2023 for 585 euros (approximately 92,500 yen).

However, four months after purchase, when I checked with the free software ``

Core Temp '' that can check the temperature of each CPU core, the CPU was recognized as `` Intel Core i7 13700K '' for some reason.

When I checked with the free software '

CPU-Z ' that can check CPU information, '13th Gen Intel Core i7-13700K' is still displayed.

When the CPU cooler was removed from the CPU, it seems that the heat spreader covering the CPU die stuck to the CPU cooler with cooling grease and came off.

On Reddit, ``Someone previously purchased a Core i9-13900K, replaced the heat spreader with the previously used Core i7-13700K, and returned it to Amazon as 'Core i7-13700K with a Core i9-13900K heat spreader.' It is speculated that something may have come back to him. TechSpot, an IT news site, said, 'Alternatively, Amazon's sellers themselves may have intentionally replaced the heat spreader and sold it.'

Also, TechSpot said, ``The Core i7-13700K is certainly a lower model of the Core i9-13900K, but for those who assemble a PC for the purpose of playing games, there is no big difference between the Core i7-13700K and the Core i9-13900K. No, that's why it took Mr. Much_Designer_8417 four months to realize the situation after purchasing it.'

This kind of fraud has been reported many times in the past when it comes to CPU mail order sales. For example, in

a case in 2017 , there were multiple reports of fraud that the ``RYZEN'' logo written on the heat spreader of the Ryzen 7 1700 purchased at Amazon was just a sticker, and the contents were an Intel processor. Since AMD Ryzen and Intel Core have different sockets in the first place and can not even be used, it can be said that the degree of damage is greater than this example of ``If you thought it was Core i9-13900K, it was Core i7-13700K''.

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