Do dogs respond more strongly to male or female voices?

When talking to a dog, there should be many people who talk with a different tone of voice than usual. Experiments conducted by a Hungarian research team revealed that dogs respond better to high-pitched and exaggerated voices, especially female high-pitched voices.

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In order to find out what kind of voices dogs respond well to, the research team conducted an experiment to analyze how dogs' brains work when they hear a variety of voices. For the experiment, the research team gathered 19 dogs of different breeds, ranging in age from 2 to 10 years old, and trained them to remain motionless inside the MRI machine. Afterwards, while recording the dogs' brain activity using an MRI device, they listened to the voices of human men and women speaking to dogs, humans speaking to babies, and humans speaking to adults.

As a result of experiments, it was revealed that dogs' brains become more active when they hear high-pitched voices such as ``voices talking to dogs'' and ``voices speaking to human babies.'' In addition, it was found that even with the same 'high-pitched voice', it responded more actively to female voices than to male voices.

A 2016 study of human infants showed that infants respond better to 'baby-talking voices.' Based on the results of experiments on human infants, the research team concluded, ``Dogs, like human infants, may be sensitive to the voices of people who do not have the ability to speak.'' I'm considering it. The research team also considers that ``improved neuronal responsiveness to high-pitched voices may be responsible for the difference in hearing between dogs and other animals.''

Although dogs may appear to understand and respond to human voices, a 2020 study revealed that dogs do not have the ability to distinguish fine differences in words spoken by humans. .

It turns out that dogs can not understand the fine differences between words spoken by humans - GIGAZINE

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