100 dollars better than Mac, 1 dollar menu in McDonald's in USA

There is not a menu on the side of the cash register, but a list of low-calorie items ... .... McDonald 's in the United States did not understand selfishness, he ordered only set menus with photos with easy ordering. However, when I looked closer, I saw a dollar item stretched out where "Dollar Menu" was written. "McDouble" says that Patty is sandwiched by two, even though thinking at the latest rate of 1 dollar = 88 yen it is cheaper than Japan. Soft drinks can be added at any price, and if you are in the shop, you can also add soft drinks. It is not thought in Japan, but everything here is big America. That is why I was wondering what kind of items will come out and I tried to examine all the Dollar Menu.

Hello,Takuya Sudo @ circle around the world bicycle @ Charridermanis. In the United States, including the 1 dollar menu, I became indebted to McDonald 's. It will be helpful to connect with the internet via Wi-Fi. When I stopped by on the way I was like an oasis.

A poster of "Dollar Menu" stuck in front of the shop.

Here is a soft drink

$ 1 has a big impact

This "Dollar Menu" depends on the time of day, the item being sold is different. In the morning menu, "McDouble" could not be ordered. However, you can ask "Coffee (small)" in the morning menu with a dollar during the day. I do not know until I see the menu carefully.

Compared to the set menu just saying the number, the order of the Dollar Menu is slightly puzzled but because the cashier is kind, it gets managed somehow. The important thing in language is neither word nor pronunciation, because it is a feeling to tell.

◆ Breakfast
Sausage McMuffin. One item sandwiched between pork patty and cheese on a plump muffin.

Sausage Biscuit. This is sandwiched by biscuit instead of muffin. It's quite heavy as biscuits are made with passion.

Sausage Burrito. Burrito with eggs and pork patty.

Hash Brown. Clothes suddenly caught in potatoes with a square cut of firmly tasted. It is delicious, but lonesome compared to other menus ......

Coffee (small). Hot coffee is about to burn if it spills.

When I ask for breakfast at this Dollar Menu it is like this. Soft drinks are also $ 1.

◆ Rest of Day
McDouble. 100 yen Although the hamburger of Mac is one patty, in the United States it is standard 2 patties.

McChiken. It is similar to 100 yen Mac chicken crisp, but it was spicy and spicy.

Side Salad. A rare health menu in McDonald's. When you ask with the set menu, the balance looks good.

Together with Kuruton and mayonnaise put it on like this.

Cookie. Two kinds of chocolate chip and muesli, cookie which is moist. It was 1 dollar for 2 pieces.

Fruit'n Yogurt Parfait. Parfaits perfect for dessert after dinner. Since goods are completed just like convenience stores, they take them out of the refrigerator when you place an order.

Sprinkle the cereal that came about with me.

Strawberry, blueberries and fruits were also well included.

Vannilla Ice Cream Cone. Also in Japan, the soft cream sold for 100 yen is US $ 1. However, although it seems that there is volume in American size somehow ... ....

Sweet Tea. Sweet sweet sweet tea. When I thought that "special things will come out", I ordered the container with a soft drink and pour it myself at the drink bar. The description of the receipt was also a soft drink, and the sweet tea was a feeling included in the soft drink rather than a single menu.

Soft Drink. It is not included in the Dollar Menu on the official website, but soft drinks were always $ 1. If you do not say anything, give me the biggest cup and this size. All you can do is coke or orange juice with a drink bar. I also understand that Americans are getting fat.

When I ask for lunch at this Dollar Menu it is like this. French fries (small) are not included in the Dollar Menu, but it was 1 dollar. There is volume compared to breakfast.

The receipt has become like this. In the U.S. in the U.T. state, the consumption tax is 6 cents per dollar.

Dollar Menu is also featured on the official page of McDonald 's USA.

Dollar Menu :: McDonalds.com


Rest of Day

◆ Burger King

In opposition to McDonald's, Burger King also had a line-up of low price items called "Value Menu". However, unlike McDonald's, not all items are $ 1.

BK Bacon Burger (1 dollar), crispy bacon is delicious, but it looks very disappointing.

A single item of BK Single Stacker ($ 1.29, about 113 yen), a stacker that was also sold at the Burger King in Japan, is sold as Value Menu in the United States.

French Fries ($ 1.19, about 104 yen), small size but enough is enough.

Soft Drink (1 dollar, about 87 yen), 16 ounce (473 ml) cup seems to be small when get used to the USA. I can add it in the shop, so the size does not matter much.

When I asked for lunch at this Value Menu, it became this form. It is gathered in reasonable size. The total is 4.88 dollars (about 426 yen), adding 40 cents of consumption tax to the subtotal of 4 dollars 48 cents.

This Value Menu is also featured on the American Burger King official page.

BK® Value Menu | Breakfast | Menu | BURGER KING®

BK® Value Menu | Lunch & amp; Dinner | Menu | BURGER KING®

Thus, Dollar Menu for McDonald's, Value Menu for Burger King and low price lineup were also substantial. Even if you ask by a single item at a moment, even if you add it to the set menu, if you remember, the width of the order expands. Why do not you try it if you go to the United States as well.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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