Burger King's "BK BITES" tasting review that allows you to enjoy two tastes in one piece

Speaking of Burger King is famous for plentiful hamburger "Wapper", but since we had a menu "BK BITES" which is unique to Japan and enjoyed two tastes, it has eaten.

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Arrived at Burger King.

"BK BITES" has a shape like a small hamburger docking, it is a menu that you can enjoy by combining two tastes. There are two kinds of "Beef & amp; Chicken" (single item 360 yen) and "SPAM & amp; BLT" (single item 360 yen), "Beef & amp; Chicken" can be selected from normal sources, lemon & amp; I will.

This time I ordered a drink and basil sauce of "Beef & amp; Chicken". Speaking of Burger King 's hamburger,' Wapper 'is representative and it is a huge image anyhow, but it seems to be a small impression than that.

When opening it, the strange shape of the buns first came into my eyes.3 color breadIt is a form to remind you.

The beef patties are covered on this side. It also contains sliced ​​tomatoes and lettuce.

On the other side there is chicken with oil. Other ingredients are only lettuce.

The most interesting thing first is the shape of a burger that I want to flatten out to think that "Burger King's hamburger was so small?" The taste itself is a taste like Burger King and it can be satisfied with the taste of the meat, but I was concerned about the insufficient volume which is not suitable for the image of the Burger King which a visiting store would suppose.

Because there is no special mention other than the advantage of the shape "Small and easy to eat" "It is possible to enjoy two kinds of taste", so for the people and couples who want to eat two kinds of taste to the last. However, when sharing with someone, since the source overflows at the stage of dividing the burger and the hand becomes sticky, it seems that there is less damage if you eat alone. If there are new products in the summer from now on, I would like to expect somewhat more challenging things.

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