Quick charger & stand type leather cover & stylus & film for "Kindle Fire" "Kindle Fire HD"

A quick charger that can shorten charging time, a stand type cover that allows you to watch movies without using hands, a stylus that can operate without polluting the display, and a film that protects the display "Kindle Fire" and "Kindle Fire HD" I tried using it.

Amazon.co.jp: Incipio 【Stylus】 Inscribe Stylus Inscribe Stylus Black STY-100: Kindle Store

Amazon.co.jp: Marware 【Screen Protector Film for Kindle Fire HD】 Anti Scratch 3 Pack KHSP1X: Kindle Store

Amazon.co.jp: GreatShield 【Kindle Fire Screen Protector Film】 Crystal Clear Hard Coating 3 Pack GS70173: Kindle Store

Amazon.co.jp: Amazon Kindle PowerFast quick charger (not attached to the terminal): Kindle store

Amazon.co.jp: Marware 【Leather Case Cover for Kindle Fire】 C. E. O Hybrid CIE E Hybrid Black KFHB 21: Kindle Store

Amazon.co.jp: Amazon Kindle Fire HD stand-type leather cover, Onix Black (for Kindle Fire HD only): Home Appliances / Camera

Incipio 【stylus】 Inscribe Stylus in-scribe stylus black STY-100(1574 yen including tax)

It is about this size to have with an adult male's hand.

The movies actually being operated with the stylus are as follows. Since the rubber part at the tip is not thin, delicate operation can not be done so much. You can use it if you do not want to touch the display with your fingers.

I tried actually using "in-scribe stylus" - YouTube

Marware 【Kindle Fire HD exclusive screen protector film】 Anti scratch 3 pack KHSP1X(2099 yen including tax)

There are 3 films.

Wipe the display beautifully, paste the film according to the instructions OK.

Putting the paste is completed. Although fingerprints are somewhat difficult to attach, there is almost no effect that the attached fingerprint becomes inconspicuous.

GreatShield [Kindle Fire exclusive screen protector film] Crystal clear hard coating 3 packs GS 70173(1499 yen including tax)

This film had the impression that it got caught slightly by the finger when swiping it.

Amazon Kindle PowerFast quick charger (not attached to the terminal)(990 yen including tax)


Because it is a folding plug, it is easy to carry.

Just charge by connecting with the USB cable attached to Kindle.

It takes about 13.5 hours to connect with PC, but if you use fast charger you can charge Kindle Fire HD 4 hours, Kindle Fire 3 hours, so it seems to be useful.

Marware 【Kindle Fire exclusive real leather case cover】 C. E. O Hybrid CIE E Hybrid Black(4380 yen including tax)


Where the body is opened. Hand strap is attached so that you can read easily with one hand.

Like this when installing Kindle Fire.

If Kindle Fire is partially removed from the cover ......

It can be used as a stand.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD stand type leather cover (for Kindle Fire HD only)(4499 yen including tax, 7 colors in total)

This is the body


Placed Kindle Fire HD in the leather cover.

Close the cover with the power on and go to sleep ... ...

It will start when opening the cover.

It can be used as follows if used as a stand. It is convenient when you do not want to hold it in your hand.

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