Lamp "Pinokio Lamp" that puts a switch that was cut with a human-like movement by himself or acts to attract people's attention

A doll that comes out in a fairy talePinocchioI believe that "I am a boy", like a lamp that behaves like a human being by searching for people, attracting attention, putting a cut switch on its own,Pinokio Lamp"is.

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The way the Pinokio Lamp actually moves is from the following movie.

Pinokio on Vimeo

A lamp and a note placed on the table appeared.

A man who came there. I will take notes.

Turn on the lamp switch to turn on the light.

Then the lamp rushed up.

I raise my face and see the neighborhood.

ServomechanismIt carries, and when a man claps a hand, it changes the direction of the bag and face in the direction in which the sound sounded.


Camera is also equipped and always recognize surrounding situation. This is the state of grasping the face of men.

Two people staring at each other.

The lamp will try to figure out what is going on.

If the face can not be recognized ...

I say, "Where have you gone?" I will look around as a neighbor.

"Here it is!"

Not only can you see the surrounding situation, but you can listen to the sound.

A man taking notes.

"What are you doing?"

Ignoring the lamp and turning the page of the note ... ...

Trying to draw attention only to "Hey guy in on!"

All right.

Well then, bye bye.

Reach for the switch in front of the stand.

Trying to leave the table ......

Yoisho, and turn on the switch yourself.

Switch off again.


Apparently I do not like to switch off.

Switch off again while the lamp is looking away.

However, I turn on the switch myself as many times as possible.

A lamp that turns to men as soon as it is.

A man who gave up gone away, and no one is present on the spot ......

"Where did you go, wherefore," he continued to look around and forever.

Let's do our best to find a person's face The movie that captured the appearance of the lamp from the lamp perspective is as follows.

Lampy WIP 2 on Vimeo

This is a project to investigate the possibility of "living algorithm" born from the question "if industrial objects were created to live, not obedience to people". Used during productionStoryboardI feel like the following.

PixarCompany'sLuxo JrAlthough it seems there was criticism that it is too similar to, it is said that the project was done as a different thing to Pixar's animation to the last.

The animation that Luxo Jr is running is as follows.

Luxo Jr. - Pixar - YouTube

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