A hand door knob or a door knocker that seems to be held back by hand

It is an image of a doorknob and a door knocker that seems to be held by hand when you grab to open the door. Although door knockers are not very common in Japan, there are various types of door knockers abroad, and it seems that things with human hand shapes are not unusual. Some things look like horror movies ....

Details are as follows.
First of all, the door knob that shaped the hand. I do not want to use it much.

Coroflot - portfolio for Naomi Thellier de Poncheville

He has a fist protruding.

It is creepy that both left hands.

It seems to be confined in the door.

Door knobs like to come up something.

I have caught a snake.

Rumiko TakahashiHand that you often see in manga.

A knocker with a slippery hand.

It is pretty ridiculous.

Halloween's door knocker. grotesque.

As usual, the round knob and the lever type doorknob are the most calm.

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