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From December 15th "one piece"Theatrical Animation latest work"ONE PIECE FILM Z One Piece Film ZetWill be released, but at TOHO CinemasImplement "fastest screening" from 0 o'clockAnd that. Seating tickets will be available from December 8th and online reservations will be available from 0 o'clock (24 o'clock on 7th). In this movie "Pirate Treasure Bag" is prepared as a first-come-first-served gift, and you get the one-piece thousand volume.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

Created a geek "Intel entrance" art using CPU recognized by Intel - GIGAZINE

Digital watch "Touch Swatch Touch" whose function can be switched by touch and drag - GIGAZINE

2 Channels can be compiled in a comprehensive comprehensive "summary site creation support set" - GIGAZINE

Movie "Washlet & amp; Japan Vol.1" which explained the unusual relationship between Japanese animation, bashlet and geek - GIGAZINE

◆ Story (memo · various others)
This is the House of Representatives election for the House of Representatives Tokyo District 1, Kichiyoshi candidate! "You should cut your belly and die!": Wataratanikki

Somewhat daily cult newspaper: deputy representative is fired! = This paper "Just a personal blog"

"The science of happiness has somewhat slandered to say somewhat the daily cult newspaper as" just a personal blog "etc. Although this paper has consistently argued that it is not a fact, if you notice, by myself it really is" just a personal blog "There was no choice but to be replaced, I was frustrated by the strategy of the Happy Science Public Affairs Bureau."

Nikkei MJ hit item number of 2012, 2012 creditability at the time when Mr. Ayuki Ryou is not ranked in - the world is yours.

Nikkan Sled Guide: PS Vita has enough software (1000 yen) to display cats KOTY?

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
"Magnetic highway" that connects Chugai in the solar system and Voyager 1 is discovered International news: AFPBB News

Discover "Pac-Man" with Saturn's satellite «WIRED.jp

"It can not be said that it is evidence of life", organic matter from Mars's soil NASA International News: AFPBB News

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
Amuse Travel Co., Ltd. | Bankruptcy Update | Latest Articles | Tokyo Shoko Research

The accident that three Japanese people of our tour tour guest died in the Great Wall of China in November mainly is the main cause.

Nikkan Thread Guide: In the Saitama 4 ward, Junior high school unemployed candidacy is running w www www www

Should I reconsider the system called "public notice period" before netting the deregulation? | Princeton's New Trends America | Columns & Blogs | Newsweek Japan Official Site

After Toru Hashimoto's announcement twitter problem is too funny: Yamamoto Ichigo BLOG (blog)

If there is no doubt that submission of proportional roster could not be made in time due to lack of family fiasco family register of Japan Futuristic Party conflict with the election law

【2ch】 New speed quality: 【Poetry】 Showing police notebook "It's an investigation of dating assistance", Matsudo's inspector length not charged to the hotel with girls

7 Jaga Randy (Tibet Autonomous Region) 2012/12/05 (Wednesday) 09: 54: 11.59 ID: e4 + 2D + h70
Even though the evaluation goes up if it is too strict in my family

Why a sudden collapse - NHK Closeup Hyundai

"With acceleration Doshin and Gashan, the acceleration got dull and the ceiling board fell down on the left side of the car body.
I pushed in (accelerator) and forcibly pushed over the overlapping ceiling boards and managed to run through.
When I looked over the interior, the inside of the original passenger seat was collapsed, I saw the situation that my wife was pushed in and fell down to the driver's seat side. "

Dissatisfied with the written increase of the Yamada Denki Fair Trade Commission who called speculation | inside Enterprise | Diamond Online

? In October 2012, the document Yamada Denki sent to home electronics manufacturers etc. is calling speculation of the home electronics industry.

The document entitled "Notice" states that the employees of home appliance manufacturers enter the store when refurbishing the Yamada store or opening a new store, refusing to help with work.

Mr. Hashimoto, intention to refrain from writing on Twitter: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
【This is amazing】 The way to eat cones of can of congeage efficiently is finally clarified! - Togetter

32 people appear in Indonesian, Forbes' s chief ranking richer than Japan - WSJ Japan version - jp. WSJ.com

Business Media Makoto: 70% of doctors say "Lifespan treatment, if you do not want me"

Beware of people aged 25 to 33 years old! "Rubella" epidemic wanting to be caught and its prevention - What's Swatz? (Wattsworth)

Those who can not understand that "There are people whose hobbies are supportive of the mind" - Togetter

About the existence, behavior and thinking of people (mainly married women) who can not imagine what "hobbies can not support" the concept of what they think the same can be done.

I always think, but let's stop forcing sexual confrontation with force labels, such as "women", "married women" or "men"

Japanese people say "I will naturalize Japanese soon, but I also want some thought on natural disadvantages to naturalize"

It's been a year since I go to psychiatry or psychosomatic medicine - Kannai Kanai's diary

Memo to finish Yamato Takkyubin's "Re-Delivery Reception Phone" at high speed Memo of a person aiming at an information science store

【Book Review】 AV actress as a profession | Tachibana ling official website

Is it a manuscript written as a column, "It's fun, but it's kinda ... ..." I will upload it to BLOG.

F's Garage @ fshin 2000: Sumaho's leading US trip, six points

I went to vocational training in smartphone application program but have any questions? / CYBER LIFE 2 CH

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
Google Japan Blog: For search engines that recognize knowledge graph "mono"

This time, Google developed "knowledge graph" so that computer can recognize real world "things" and "connection between things and things". The Knowledge Graph has structured databases that contain more than 570 million people, places and things and more than 18 billion attributes and relevance, and what the input keywords mean We grasp and display it as part of search results. We will introduce new functions that this knowledge graph technology made possible.

CC 10th Anniversary Party in Tokyo!

In December 2012, Creative Commons (CC) celebrates its 10th anniversary. So we invite Japanese people who are interested in CC and will hold an anniversary event!

Mayor Higusori of Takeo City recommends using music distribution service that should not be available in Japan called Spotify via the back site - Togetter

Secondhand goods sold out! The surprising effect brought by Rakuten "Kobotatch" - Digital - Nikkei Trendy Net

Sakura Internet, SSD plan of virtual dedicated server "Sakura's VPS" launched
Available from 13th December 2012.

Let's use Wi-Fi compatible web camera for fixed point observation and crime prevention measures! - Digital - Nikkei Trendy Net

Do you know TrainNet? | SAK STAFF BLOG

Have you noticed?
If you are on the Yamanote line, you will need to enter the wireless LAN connection name (SSID [Service Set Identifier])
"Trainnet" may be displayed. Did you know?

US MS, change the strategy of updating Windows, which had been two to three years ago, to "every year"? : SIer blog

[A] Imoba GL 04 P radio instability finally resolved! There is a possibility of fixing by initialization! Is it? | Akame girls web memo

People who become net addiction, rapid increase ... if net use is within 2 hours normal

CSS design and implementation in the mobile era | 1 pixel | cyber agent official creators blog

Analytics Japan version official blog: Google analytics premium also released in Japan

In the App Store review, see a glimpse of Japanese monster consumers - Blunder Blog

The fact that this application falls frequently seems to be a fact. However, it is light that it is "free of charge" or "mischievous" as a free application of personal development, how is it that there are so many people who can write without any resistance? Besides, there is no information other than curse words written. I think that there is a way to respond as a developer if it writes in what kind of environment, but in this slashing comment comment, we can not respond seriously to complaints.

Japan's first! Payment procedure unnecessary at getting off! New taxi settlement service starts | Nippon Transport

Try MS serious tablet "Surface" - First Impression | Gadget Express Report

A mini tool application "LINE Tools" in which everyday life becomes convenient a little bit: LINE official blog

LINE Tools does not usually carry around in everyday life, such as flashlight, year / age check, stopwatch, compass needle, etc, but I put a tool like "a bit convenient if in hand" in one application It is a tool.

The Web API is charged, but Yahoo! search is free! - Yahoo! Search Staff Blog

I made recommendations in the forum to think about TPP's intellectual property rights and transparency of consultation - Creative Commons Japan

Since TPP is not only intellectual property but also many other fields as a treaty, it is also denied the possibility that the Japanese government will compromise on intellectual property provisions as a material to protect interests in other fields can not. In such circumstances, the contents of intellectual property rights which are not necessarily good for Japan without the involvement of the citizens concerning the contents of the law directly affected by the people in everyday life, It can be pressed. In order to prevent such things from happening, I think that it is very important to disclose the contents of the negotiations and make it through the public debate.

I went to Cerevo Co., Ltd.! - 941 :: blog

We are making LiveShell everyone knows in "Easy to PC · Ustream etc. with high image quality distribution"
Cerevo Corporation. Origin seems to revolution Consumer Electronics (innovation)
The office has become a very hot enthusiastic president and the site of manufacturing is now office.

Windows Phone Application Triathlon 2013 will be held - Takahashi Shinoburo - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

Net Japan Co., Ltd. will begin shipping imaging backup / recovery software with deduplication function compatible with Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 from December 6

Expansion of cellular phone service area on some routes of the Toei Subway Line | 2012 | KDDI CORPORATION

Expansion of mobile phone service area on some routes of the Tokyo Metropolitan Subway Company | SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp.

Introduction of "au Wi-Fi SPOT" to Romance car · EXE | 2012 | KDDI CORPORATION

UD WiMAX - High-speed Mobile Internet with Wireless Broadband

The first vocaloid whose EXIT TUNES created the database from scratch will be released on December 5

I hosted 240 SSL sites in one instance - log4moto

@ DIME at dime | genre | other | 3D map of DIME No. 24 special appendix was born here! Sneak into the development base of Zenrin making map data of Google map

Displaying impossible station names, place names, facility names, etc. In a sense, with the emergence of a genuine map application of innovative "iOS 6", recently, something topic map. After all "Google map" was easy to use! There were many voices to reevaluate, but pay attention to the credit on the bottom right of the map! What maps out What is providing map data is Zenrin. Moreover, Yahoo! The map function of "Yahoo! Loco" also saw the letters of Zenrin even when looking at the bottom left. As expected, it is the largest map information company in Japan. Many other manufacturers also adopt it as map data for car navigation systems.

So, the DIME Interview Team worried about the map of Zenrin has sneaked through until we have a map of trust and achievement Zenrin!

To "read" the future of Amazon «Magazine navigation [k ??]

Kindle finally began to circle in Japan, real use feeling and the contents of the service became to be understood all the time, so next I want to know what the future CEO Jeff Bezos thinks about this ... ... It seems like the impression of the impatient Japanese press.

Nonetheless, since Amazon is good at new releases and presentations that do not give out any concrete figures, even reporters who know more about American industry circumstances, carefully guessing accurate sales figures and future movements There is no other choice but to work (guesswork).

Behind the backstage of Hatsune Miku's orchestra concert was backup and real-time manual work | Slashdot Japan

IPhone 5 mystery of packing clogging? |? Wireless radio

【24 Hr Limited】 When we got to the developer, 170 yen paid app "Kurumaki calendar" became free! - Up! - Deliver iThone's tips and iOS news

For the time being, I decided to free it 24 hours until noon on December 6!

NAVER summary, full change to quality incentive program | NAVER official blog - NAVERLAND

Points affected by the new incentive program

Points affecting the granting of points ▼
· Access from other summary pages (both homebrew and other works) is greatly reduced compared to conventional evaluation
· Conclusion Access from the topic page is greatly reduced compared to conventional evaluation
· Access from external SNS service greatly increased compared to conventional
· Add visitor's page stay time to the evaluation
· The access of each item page which is the constituent element of the summary is greatly reduced as compared with the conventional evaluation

▼ Incentive Not covered
· The number of items is small, it can not be said that it is a summary
· The number of items is enormous and it is not screened or sorted out
· Summary of NAVER summary (Contents-based use of self-made summary is excluded)
· It consists only of reprinting from one site · service
· There is no search result and no substitute
· There is a discrepancy between the summary title and contents (Links to other summary just say "same collective creator connection" are regarded as inconsistent)

"A bad summary has also become conspicuous" - "NAVER summary" completely revamped incentive system - ITmedia news

As of the end of October this year, the number of monthly accesses is 817 million, and the number of visitors is 33 million people / month.

How is e-book and blog complementary? How to sell 1 million copies of e-books innocently

The core of business is "credit / trust". I should not notice this. Probably nothing is good at starting anything. Even if you make a company, 90% will be out of business within 3 years. It is difficult to put the business on track as much.

The same is true for blogs. Trust relationship with readers is necessary. Can readers feel trusted against blogs that only contain affiliate articles?

In order to grasp the trust, we must be able to demonstrate "posture" that we keep on giving to others even if we lose.

Nine points to think about pricing e-books for personal publications - Breaking News

Finally released on December 8: Sony's challenge to re-create home PC - "VAIO Tap 20" oversized review (1/7) - ITmedia PC USER

In the photograph, it may look like a big tablet, but in fact it is equipped with a 20-inch wide liquid crystal and weighs about 5.2 kilograms

Windows Phone Application Triathlon 2013 will be held - Takahashi Shinoburo - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

Kindle coming to "e-book" consumption warfare: FACTA online

Speaking irony, there was a time when it was called the first year of e-books around 2010 as well. Sony, Panasonic, Sharp cut sharpness, but now only Sony continues to develop thoroughly. Panasonic's e-book terminal "U? T-PB 1" organized with Rakuten's e-book market "Raboo", but the disaster "genuine, selling about 2 thousand units" (Panasonic official) Only the result was left. Rakuten who put on Kobo himself has already decided to close Raboo at the end of March 13 th.

About the suspension of named due to a bug in implementation of DNS 64 in BIND 9.8.x / 9.9.x (released December 5, 2012)

Evernote Business appeared - Let's start sharing knowledge within the team. | Evernote Japanese version blog

The key point is that although the administrator can access business notebooks in each user's account, they can not see or access personal notebooks at all. Even when the user leaves the organization, the personal notebook is for the user, so it leaves with the user, but only the business notebook remains as it is.

Experts say "The possibility of a major failure of Windows 8 is close to zero" - TechTarget Japan System Operation Management

Do not give out what you do not eat dogs! Eat Your Own Dogfood - Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Every time I try a net function etc. like a bonus for home appliances etc., I definitely think that this will not be used even for people who are developing it. No, developers may get used to operations while they are making, so it may be usable. But what about humans who are not directly involved in development but who are in the same development organization? How about other employees of the same company? I wonder if they can use it.

When you are deeply involved in development, you already use that product or function for a long time, so it will result in habituation and accustomedness, making objective judgment impossible.

Dog food (Dogfood) is the process that should be taken when doing such judgment properly.

Dog food is a beta test done inside the company before putting the product under development to the outside.

Bezos' CEO of Amazon, talks about AWS - similarity with "Kindle" and Toyota production method - CNET Japan

If you can not do online either, the newspaper is not over yet. Is this the end of online newspapers? | Books and the City

The New York Times only publish settlement figures combined with sister paper Boston and Globe paper, so it is not limited to the Times, but if calculated, an average of 650 dollars subscription fee per paper reader per month (over $ 50 a month) If it was even on Sunday version, more) and 450 dollars of advertisement income. However, with the digital version, the average subscription fee per year is 150 dollars (I am paying 15 dollars a month, so it's like that) and that is about $ 25 for digital advertising income.

I wrote about the blog! → That? I tried to verify that I am hot-trying · · ·. | Susi-paku blog

I tried analyzing it for 1 month to solve the uncomfortable feeling felt by iPad mini

Maximum excitement continues! (How to create an STL file for home 3D printer Cube) - ICHIROYA's blog

【IPhone, iPad】 How to return the application to the old version | Drunky Oyaji's blog wp

Corporate legal man survival: ownership of digital contents leave with the deadline of credit card

Therefore, as I mentioned earlier, the poster says, "If the card expires, I will not write anything that I can not access the file of digital content!" If you read it carefully, if you can not use the card, access the digital content It was in a condition that it can interpret on the terms of service that it can not say even if it can not be complained.

Beyond the revolution that 3D printers will bring up and the limits of current 3D printers, and CNC 's Tikara - casm to know more!

The reporter's eye - I thought why the satisfaction level of the pay plan was high: ITpro

However, the findings were different. "Satisfaction" of respondents who are using paid plans is 32.7%, while those who use it only within the free plan range are only 21.0% (Figure). The satisfaction level of the paid plan exceeded the free plan by a large margin.

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)
Indian version "Giants' Star" to broadcast this month NHK News

"Dragon Quest X" new interlocking software appeared! "Dragon Quest X Odekake Moshas de Battle" December 12 download sale decision! - Dragon Quest X Wake Up and Five Tribal Online

What does Light Novel College Learn? | Web R25

【Spoiler】 "Evangelion New Theatrical Version" Third Impact

【Reading notes】 Eva's contents parenthesis Warotta: Rattle speed VIP

"Kuroko's Basketball" Revealed by a major romantic company · studio YOU ​​rights consciousness (1/2) - daily Saizo

Studio YOU ​​also pointed out that "If outside the premises, if the organizer refuses the interview, can you say that you are stepping on the wrong step as a news report? If you can tell me more and say, What can I do anything outside? It's a part I can not understand. "

Will the scenery visible from the outside of the site become "unauthorized shooting" and will infringe on "personal privacy"? Mr. Yoshikichi Mountain's editorial chief editor of the Japan Magazine Association's answer is NO.

【Ranobet】 Rarities at the Fantasia Grand Prize - Wanabi flash report archiver

LASTEXILE GALLERY vol.2 | pixiv Zingaro

To commemorate the release of the plastic model "Vanship of Tatiana & amp; Pham's Vespa", Mr. Makoto Kobayashi's autograph session was decided to be held.

Capcom Inc. | vol 05. Egawa Yoichi (Developer Interview 2012)

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)
Business Media Makoto: AKB 48 is a valid successor of the Japanese manufacturing industry (1/3)

Sky Fall (spoiler) / Goodbye, spies who loved me - midnight passes over the clouds

[MOVIE] The story of friendship and ruin of young people who have supernatural power ~ Movie "Chronicle" - 2012 - 12 - 05 - memory fogs, memory garbage

In addition, this movie is unpublished in Japan and there is not yet a Japanese release of software yet, but you can watch it on imported Blu-ray, DVD. I bought the importing board Blu-ray, but this is a Japanese menu, Japanese subtitles, Japanese dubbing, are neatly arranged, even those who are not good at English do not have any hindrance. The price was also cheap. It would be nice to buy those who are interested.

Terry Ito "Why do I have a stimulant many times with my husband?" "Naked away" "Noriko Sakai" Negative digging digging ... why do I have to say ... "watch @ 2 channel

【Dokdo Ceremony Case】 Japan Football Association "There is no objection to the conclusion" → Korean eroticism "Japan is convinced, anger comes out."

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
(PDF)Kamamon's Taipei (Taipeien) is a monkey! New release of 2013/1/7

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