From nostalgic things to masterpieces, all 485 Apple's commercials are on YouTube

From 1977 to 2012, 485 of the commercials that Apple has made are published on YouTube. It is listed as slogan and goods by masterpiece lineup from what is released only in the United States and the United Kingdom to the nostalgic thing which was flushed also in Japan, and what kind of advertisement change has been traced by Apple so far You can look carefully.

Every Apple TV Ads (ever made) - YouTube

An example of 485 CMs is from the following.

◆ 01:Think Different ad (1997) - YouTube

Apple's advertising slogan in 1997Think differentofCMseries. "They are said to be crazy, I think that I am a genius, I will conclude with the words of Jobs saying that people who truly believe that they can change the world really are changing the world."

◆ 02:IMac ad - Colors (1999) - YouTube

In the iMac series announced in 1998, the novelty of design and color development called "candy color" called for a hot topic.

◆ 03:IPod + iTunes ad - Rock (2007) - YouTube

IPod's silhouette dancing in back with a colorful backgroundSilhouette"series.

◆ 04:IPhone ad - Hello (2007) - YouTube

IPhone's CM that gathered scenes of movies and drama characters "Hello?"Hello".

◆ 05:Apple Switch ad featuring Will Ferrell - Santa iPod (2002) - YouTube

Defective Santa also to iPod CM.

◆ 06:Macintosh original ad remastered - 1984 (2004) - YouTube

The remastering of the CM of the Mac in 1984 in 2004. The audiences who listen to the soul as they are being sucked in by the dictator's word, an athlete who wears an iPod there, appears, and a figurative CM that breaks the scene on the spot with a hammer.

◆ 07:IMac ad - Window (2002) - YouTube

It looks like an iMac personified an iMac that moves his neck like a person in front of me.

◆ 08:ITunes ad - The Beatles coming to America (2010) - YouTube

The Beatles' music and images are used many times in Apple's commercials.

◆ 09:Get a Mac ad Japan - iMovie (2007) - YouTube

"Thank you, Mac." "Hello, this is your computer"Get a MacOf the seriesJapan version. In the same seriesAmericaVersion andEnglandThere is also a version.

◆ 10:IPhone 5 ad - Orchestra (2012) - YouTube

This is the commercial of iPhone 5 using orchestra in 2012.

In addition to this,Kevin CostnerThere are 485 commercials, including CM using celebrities such as appearing, are released.

CM is listed as follows for each slogan or product.

Apple II & amp; Lisa - YouTube

"Get a Mac" campaign (US) - YouTube

"Get a Mac" campaign (Japan) - YouTube

"Get a Mac" campaign (UK) - YouTube

"Switch" campaign - YouTube

Newton campaign - YouTube

IPod "Silhouette" campaign - YouTube

"Power is ..." campaign - YouTube

"Does more, cost less" campaign - YouTube

IMac launch campaign - YouTube

"The Future" campaign - YouTube

"What's on your PowerBook" campaign - YouTube

"Computer for the rest of us" campaign - YouTube

Celebrities - YouTube

Top 10 favorite ads - YouTube

There are also lists that have been divided by age.

1977-1985 (Steve's 1st act) - YouTube

1985-1996 (Steve's hiatus) - YouTube

1996-2007 (Steve's 2nd act) - YouTube

2007-2011 (Steve's 2nd act) - YouTube

2011- (After Steve) - YouTube

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