The world's first McDonald's television commercial and its transition

The movie of the world's first television commercial which McDonald's played in 1967 is on YouTube. It is a very interesting content with high historical value that makes you feel the background of the era. All the tactics of "Commercials are made like this" are woven in and are faithful to the basic.

But, as the times go ahead, the content has changed gradually. Let's see that transition as well. You can see how McDonald 's made a strategy and advertised according to that era.

Playback is from the following.
First of all it is the world's first McDonald's commercial. It is 1967. There are plenty of children, animals, songs, etc. that are required for CM.
YouTube - Mcdonald's 1967 TV Ad

CM of 1971. Musical style. It is unknown.
YouTube - 1971 McDonalds commercial "You deserve a break today"

Next is 1977. The catchphrase is "You'll enjoy the difference." It is returning to the atmosphere like the first CM.
YouTube - Mcdonalds

CM in 1978. It is the advertisement of Big Mac. I saw this deluxe Big Mac (Abbreviation)
YouTube - Mac Donalds ad 1978

CM that was swept away in the 1980s is like this. The atmosphere has changed considerably.
YouTube - McDonalds 1980s Theme Tune Advert

It will be like this in the 1990s. Perfect image priority.
YouTube - McDonald's Holiday Commercial

And in 2006. Donald is improving too much. After all image priority.
YouTube - mc donald's beach ad

Various CMs are also put together on the following page. There are very many related to Donald.
The Freaky Universe of McDonald's Commercials

I would like you to release McDonald 's CM broadcasted all over the world on a DVD or something, but is there no such plan? I think that it will be a very worthwhile item ... ....

There are also sites that summarize McDonald 's previous trials and incidents. very interesting.

McDonald's | 1999-2006

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