A situation in which some of the NTP servers are going back in 2000


Some computers that are doing the notation of years with only the last two digits of the year are interpreted as "2000 (2000)" as "1900", and as a result the computer malfunctionsYear 2000 ProblemAlthough it actually ended in disgrace, the problem of 2000 years suddenly dates back to 2000 as part of a computer in the United States as if it had happened in 2012.

ISC Diary | Behind the Random NTP Bizarreness of Incorrect Year Being Set

This cause is regarded as a time source in many scenes in the USAUS Navy ObservatoryIt is because the NTP server of the server failed. The US Navy Observatory is doing a timetable service clocked by an atomic clock and is also used in the GPS system, but this astronomical computer suddenly restarted and the time dates back to 2000 . The cause is unknown, it is restored now because of a temporary abnormality, but since the personal computer is few in the reported error, if you have problems on your own computer, correct the time or NTP server Please synchronize with.


Time on the US Naval ObservatoryhereCan be confirmed from.

In addition, we are carving the time without problems now.

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