Fried freshly Atsuu chewy Zakkuri went to eat Moss Burger "Moss in the Chips"

Potato chips have a variety of flavors, but still the most appetizing element is "freshly made, freshly brewed". This fall harvest fresh in Mos BurgerpotatoOrganic salt with no environmental pollutants "Patagonia Salt"Made using the"Moss is a chips(280 yen including tax) "will be on sale from 20th November, but I actually went to eat freshly cut potato chips, because being able to be fried after receiving an order.

(PDF)Fresh fried delicious new discovery! "Moss is Chips" ~ New release on Mos Burger nationwide from November 20 (Tue) ~

Arrived at the shop.

There were signs of chips in the shop when the seasonal limited moss came. In addition, Moss sells chips from 14:00 until closing. It seems that the time may be about to go back and forth depending on the store, so it is certain to check with the phone in advance.

So, it is an order immediately. Since ordering and potatoes will be fried, you will have to wait for about 5 minutes until the item arrives.

The chips are contained in the oil paper laid in the basket.

The oil paper is twisted at both ends and it is like a candy wrapping paper.

And here is Moss chips.

There were oils on the chips that were stained well and looking yellowish and those with a whitish surface.

The side is like this. You can see that it has been cut considerably thick.

When you bite a bite, the eerie sound of "Zaku!" Sounds in the mouth. It is extremely crisp because it is cut to a thicker thickness, but it is not a rigid feel like that found in commercially available potato chips, but a light feeling. Chips are hot because of fried fish, and when you eat in a hurry it is likely to burn your mouth.

It seems that salt is sprinkled firmly and the fingers pinching potato chips are covered with salt.

Potato chips will have only Coke! That's why I ordered Coke. Potato's salty and sweetness of cola adds to the endless loop of appetite, while it is just mogmog.

Salt sprinkled on the surface is Patagonia Salt born from salt lake in environmental protection zone of Argentina. This seems to be used also for Mos burger 's French fries potato.

Some things firmly have salt on the surface, and some feel that it is salty.

Even such a case there is no problem because there is a cola.

As time goes on, the texture of the chips will change as well. The yellowish one gets a bit harder and it has a texture called "Bari Bali". Those whitish as usual as usual, but something that makes it somehow shiny.

When I am absorbed in the texture of food, I feel a little left in the blink of an eye. Since each one is solid, the stomach is satisfied enough.

Because it is also possible to take out, it is perfect for enjoying a snack time slowly at home and as a snack for dinner, but after all it is recommended to eat at the place that was made at the store.

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