Six life hacks to pick up beer lid quickly without a bottle opener

There is a beer in front of my eyes, but the situation that no bottle opener is supposed to be looking for is a tragedy. Six ways to take beer lid without a bottle opener that seems to be useful at that time are uploading the wisdom of life that can be easily applied on YouTube "Household HackerYou can see it on the page. As none of the special tools are used, only tools that are close to us are used, so it seems to be of great use in the unlikely event.

LIFE HACKS - 6 Ways to Open a Bottle without an opener - YouTube

◆ 1. Use countertop of kitchen
First of all, set the part of the lid at the corner of the countertop ... ...

If you hit the lid strongly with hands from above ... ...

Even without a bottle opener, the lid of the bottle was taken off.

◆ 2. Use keys
It is the key of the car that I use. Put the key between the bottle and the lid and push the key and the key 3 or 4 places.

Finally, if you push up the key, the lid is very easy to open.

◆ 3 Using two bins, one like lever
There is no tool at all, if there are two bins it is the way the lid opens.

Match the lid of the two bins ... ...

Using the upper bottle as a lever, and adding power with a gut

Ponts and lids flew away. Let's do it after checking that there are no people around you.

◆ 4. Fold the paper to make it hard, use it as a lever
I am using paper money.

I will fold it many times until it becomes hard enough so that it does not bend.

Put the stiff paper money in the lower part of the lid ... ...

If you use it like leopard it is ok.

◆ 5. Use drawer handle
First, fix the lid to the handle of the drawer.

If you push down the bin downwards and apply force to the lid part ... ...

The lid is opened easily easily.

◆ 6. How to use a writer
Fix the writer under the lid ......

I added a force and I got a lid. It is using the writer as a lever.

So, I'm fluent in beef and beef with safe. There are methods that are likely to be available in the house as well as outdoor, of course, so it seems convenient to remember.

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