"Berserk Golden Age Hen III Admission" poster image release, R15 + designation released on February 1st

The poster image of "Berserk Golden Age Episode III Coming" to be released on February 1, 2013 was released in the final chapter of the series "Berserk Golden Age Hen", a movie made by Young Animal serial popular cartoon "Berserk" . Although two of the protagonists Gutz and Griffith were drawn in two works released so far, from the visual of this work guts disappeared, only a heterogeneous Griffith was drawn, a slightly strange poster It has become.

Caution:We add information about "R 15 + designation" at the end of the article.

Movie "Berserk Golden Age Hen III Drops" 2013 New Year 2nd Roadshow (c): Kentaro Miura (Studio I) · Hakusensha / BERSERK FILM PARTNERS

"Berserk Golden Age Hen" is a movie produced as a part of the "Berserk Saga" project which visualizes all of manga "Berserk", as it is titled, it starts from the middle of 3 volumes and completes in 14 volumes I'm focusing on "The Golden Age Hen".

There is no guts on the poster of "coming descendant" which is the final chapter, only Griffith being incompatible with a heteromorphic apostle is drawn. Catch copy is "Every darkness surpasses light". The poster will be posted to the movie theater from November 17th.

In "advent", there is also a painting of the banquet "eating" of blood and meat which is the climax of the golden era, and the main visual which has been released also has a dark atmosphere.

Incidentally, "The Golden Age Hen I Hate King's Egg" poster is Kore. "Our bonds can not be slashed by anyone."A catch phrase that felt the strong association between Guts and Griffith was attached, which is called.

"Golden Age Hen II Doll Drawley Capture" is "The farewell also fatefulBy saying that, Griffith and Guts are divided into right and left, facial expressions are also steep, I feel the separation of them.

As the original reader knows, a lot of depicting depictions appear quite exciting in the part drawn with this "advent". It seems that the point does not seem to be completely cut out in the movie, and it is judged as "adult oriented work, highly expressive sexual depiction" by the movie ethics committee, it is classified as R18 + (no appreciation under 18) It is. In addition, since the golden era Hen II was a G designation (anyone can appreciate), the golden period era II in which Griffiths and Princess Charlotte's entanglement were drawn was PG 12 designated (elementary school students needed advice and guidance) The subject's age is gradually getting higher.

If you look at other movies specified by R18 +, the titles of adult movies are lined up indeed, and only Berserk is floating, but as far as it is concerned, please expect about the depiction of violence and Eros It looks like it.

From tomorrow, November 17th, I used illustration drawing character designer · general director Naoyuki OndaAdvance tickets with "Taka no Tan Memorial clear file" releasedIt will be. Size is A4, patterns are Guts, Griffiths, Hawk Groups, Casca & Charlotte all four types. Although there is one type of clear file for each advance ticket, it is said to be selectable, not random.

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◆ Cast
Guts: Hiroaki Iwanaga
Griffith: Takahiro Sakurai
CASCA: Ryousei
Judeo: Hiroki Kaji
Rickerto: Misako Hotobuki
Gaston: Kazuki Yao
Charlotte: Aki Toyosaki
Silat: Yuichi Nakamura
Erika: Ayana Taketachi
Zod: Kenta Miyake
Skull Knight: Atsuo Otsuka

◆ Staff
Original: Kentaro Miura (Studio I)
Director: Toshiyuki Kuboka
Screenplay: Okochi Ichiro
Character design · Total drawing director: Naoyuki Onda
Animation Director: Satoshi Iwaki
Art director: Kimitoshi Ninbayashi, Akira Nakamura, Yusuke Takeda
Subject Song: Susumu Hirasawa "Aria" (Tesla Kite)
Music: Shiro Sagishi
Animation production: STUDIO 4 ° C

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© Kentaro Miura (studio painting) · Hakusensha / BERSERK FILM PARTNERS

2012/11/16 13:16 Addendum
According to the communication and information from various sides, although it is "R18 +" on the page of Eikon, the theatrical release is "R15 +", and the poster is also clearly stated as "R15 +", now again It is planned to apply to Eikichi, and the classification on the official website of Munshun also changes to "R15 +" after application.

2012/11/19 12:00 postscript
A trailer movie has been released. In fact, it is nod to say that it was judged to be "R18 +" at first rather than "R15 +".

"Berserk golden era Ⅲ III advent" Can appreciate the designation of R 15 + Erotic dude trailer Movie release

2013/01/29 Additional information
It was decided that the original version judged by Eikichi as "R18 +" will be made public only.

Before the age of 18, "Berserk golden era Hii III coming" R18 + version will be unveiled private

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